Zero Punctuation: Amnesia: The Dark Descent

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Tipsy Giant:
Wicked, anyone know if it is available for macs through steam too?

Yup, Steam sells for Mac and PC. If you buy direct from, it is available for Mac, PC, and Linux.

Seriously, just go buy this game. :)

EDIT: Oh, yeah, and don't forget that there are also Editors available for the game. If you're into that kind of thing, it makes a great game even more replayable and value for the money. :)

I played the demo and knew that as a horror fan Yahtzee was going to have to review this

Looks like it's time for me to get steam

Whaaaa run run run run! I'm sorry I didn't meant to mess your chairs up, OH PISSING BLIMEY THERE'S JAM COMING OUT OF THE WALLS!!
At that point I stopped the review to roll myself all over the room laughing.
Okay, continue now. :P

The demo scared the SHIT outta me, glad to see I wasn't alone.

Looks like it's time for me to get steam

For those people out there who don't like Steam, you can also get it from the sources listed at

Don't work for 'em or anything, just really like the game. :)

I couldn't stop laughing when he started screaming about jam coming out of the walls. Thanks Yahtzee.

My god, ZP made me buy a game! This must be the apocalypse!

who else thinks he should review dead rising 2, hed love it

LOL his freakout basically just summed up my experience with Penumbra Black Plague XD

Good Job Yahtzee, Glad you reviewed a Frictional Game!

I think you should do more indie games. Not only does it promote good indie games and encourage mroe of them to be made, but it shows us what is a good game. It is nice to get away from main stream to show it doesn't need to me mainstream to be good (according to you the opposite is almost true).

Agreed, I also think Yahtzee should do more indie game reviews. Not all the time of course, just maybe once every couple of months.

Hell yes. I am getting this game right now. I love you Yahtzee. :D

couldnt even play this game. which pisses me off. then when i ask for help, all i get is "lol you dont know how to use computer, you dont deserve to play this game"

well, that's about as positive a review as he ever gives... and I've considering getting the game, so I think I'll go ahead and buy it.

I think this is the first ZP that has ever explained a game to me, I've always known about them before hand, isn't that something...

nice work.

strange I bought the game a week ago and didn't didn't even try it I guess it's time to try it now.

I was shocked to see he reviewed amnesia at all especially since he did it so soon, If you haven't played it yet go download the demo then buy the game and play the demo while you wait. I also had the story from Reach told to me in great detail, at least I think it was the story from reach it might have just been the new call of duty game.

the game has being just released a week ago, i had a gut feeling that he was going to like it

i already bought it, and i am terribly scared to play it, i can only play for a few minutes before i feel i´m going to shit my self and turn it off.


Gotta say, I can't find Amnesia scary.

Not in the bloody least.

The mobs spawn in, wander around, and then despawn. And don't come back, giving rise to situations that flow thusly:

Mob: Rawr!
Me: Oh shit! *flee* *hide*
Mob: Rawr? *walks away*
Me: Phew. Sonnovabitch is gone. Now, let's follow him and throw a rock at...where the hell did he go? the hell. This is a closed corridor.

Repeat this a few times, and it dawns on you that the mobs are all one trick ponies, and the fear factor plummets.

Or is that just me?

And the "Evil fleshy wall thing" crap hasn't been scary since Alien.


I think I have a new favorite Yahtzee quote :D

cool to see yahtzee play this game..
I saw a preview trailer and the trailer alone made me freak

Speaking on behalf of all Halo fanboys, NONE of us want you to review Halo: Reach anyway. There is virtually no way you're going to enjoy it. And the last thing the Halo fans need is another 3 years of "Yahtzee-isms" being parroted by the Halo haters club. So feel free to take another week, even two or three. In fact, why not skip it altogether and do another retro review like your Painkiller video.

All that said, this Amnesia game looks like fun and I'll probably check it out on your recommendation. Thanks for turning us on to it.

I thought this game was reasonably old. I thought about buying it, coz its by the same people who made Penumbra and I've heard plenty of good things about those games.

This has maybe my favourite Yahtzee line "Run! Run! Run! Run! Oh, pissing blimey! There's JAM coming out of the walls!"

I was actually in stitches.

And this means that he's going to blast Halo: Reach. I can feel it.

I was actually looking at this on Steam over the weekend, considering getting it. The trailer looked great, but then again whose trailer doesn't? Definitely going to get it now.

Looks like it's time for me to get steam

hellz yeah! *high fives*

Loved the video. I still can hardly bring myself to play the damned thing, scares me to no end. The splishy splashy monster was bad enough =.=, and now I'm really feeling the whole "Go into a room to get an object and immediately expect a monster to have appeared behind the door you just closed" that was emphasized.

I'm glad that I get little surprises like this, I was honestly expecting something like Reach this week. ^^

Tipsy Giant:
Wicked, anyone know if it is available for macs through steam too?

Yes indeed, it has the Steam Play label and it does work on Macs indeed.

Although I'd prefer on buying it directly from Frictional Games as I did with Penumbra, if you buy it from there, you get the game for windows, mac and linux.

I can't still get the courage to even start playing Penumbra, only looking at it scares the shit out of me and Amnesia looks just as scary if not even more.

On a side note, this would be the second game I'd buy after watching a review of ZP. The first one was Painkiller and I still think it was a worth buy.

hehehe, monsters spawned by autosave. That's a good one.
I played the demo on steam, and I have to say, what scared me the most was the insanely low framerate for a game that looks like it was made 5 years ago. What gives?

The fact that you can't defend yourself at all did make it frightening, but since I'm not used to that in games, I found myself more often going "what the shit am I supposed to do here!?!"

It was interesting, but didn't really hook me. I'll put it on my "to do" list. Since I have yet to play any of the Penumbra games, I would like to get those under my belt first.

The game looks interesting, if I had the money I'd check it out (if this computer can run it), but this is the first ZP I didn't even crack a smile to. Oh well, I'm sure next week will get me.

Edit: Nope, can't run it anyway.

Best ZP in so long.

Two Thumbs Up.

I love this game, none other has made me run at the first sight of an enemy and cower behind a table in the corner of a room for a few minutes hoping they go away.(in the game, not real life).

Which game pretends to erase your save files? Penumbra?

Yahtzee you had better fucking love this game *clicks play*

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