Rebecca Mayes Muses: Halo Reach

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Halo Reach

Noble 6 shares some insights.

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It's a strangely sombre but uplifting song, I'm not sure the lyrics reflects the game as heavily as some of your other works but getting to the core of any game that's about a cybernetic super-solider yeah, you are the power that moves everything forward you are great and capable of everything put before you. If anything the real world gives you more options not less to learn and grow to be more than you are now. Anyway enough babbling from me, nice work.

I think I must lack the lateral thinking ability to see the meaning behind these words, could someone help me?

It does sound very good, though.

I thought it was gorgeous. Quite possibly the best piece I have heard from you since you started on The Escapist.

I absolutely didn't like the schedule change for these songs, but if this is the quality we will be getting, then it is worth the wait.

It sounds very good and has some strong provokative vocals, but I am not entirely sure what it means, the images have very little to do with Halo and I can't really tell if it's pro the game or not or if it's trying to make some kind of message.

Still, I did like the line:
"You are the Halo."
Because for some reason I can't help but feel there is poetry in that line in particular, even if I am not entirely sure what that is.

Im not sure weather to be at peace or blown away. That was awesome.

Great song, really uplifting.

This was great. Quite touching especially considering it's about people in space going pew pew pew from their guns.

Ms. Mayes, I must compliment you on your work. You oftentimes take me to strange places that I was not at all expecting, but sometimes those strange places are wonderful, too.

By far the best song I've heard from you, in my opinion. I feel torn apart by the emotions it invokes. Beautiful and astounding.

Yet another ballad with a repetitive chorus...sigh...Whatever happened to wanting to try new things?

This could very well be the best piece you've written so far for the Escapist. It's intriguing, inspiring and, in some way, positively haunting.

Very well done. Bravo!

Whoa...this was ispired by Halo?

The song could easily stand on its own, I think.

Good song I suppose... wouldn't be a bad idea to try a new type of song, I've seen you make different ones, and I liked those ones better.

Still a good song, but branching out wouldn't be a bad idea.

Fantastic! As always Rebecca a great piece fof music!

She didn't write the lyrics, they are from Marianne Williamson and were used in Nelson Mandela's inauguration speech.

I am the weapon of mass destruction, meant to eradicate all sentient life in the galaxy?


Seems right.

Why do you rock so hard?

I liked it, a lot.

Quite a soft mood setting tune to help see the meaning in the lyrics, with those steady drums in the background keeping you through the song.

A powerful message. And it'd great to see it's provoked such emotions from some of the posters. Can't ask much more from a creative piece.

I really like that message, I first hear it in a Samuel L Jackson movie where he coaches a basketball team.

I liked the song too but i feel that you're really trying to find side meanings and sing about games the less you can. I understand that the genre might feel to little after some time.

My favorite song you have ever made. It has such a nice feeling and tone and the ending images captured the emotion of the song.

Now the chorus is stuck in my head.

Words fail me.

whoa. just... whoa.

Excellent work putting these uplifting and powerful words to music. Your style is uniquely suited for conveying this message.

Great work! Love your voice!

Yet another ballad with a repetitive chorus...sigh...Whatever happened to wanting to try new things?

You are the halo you are the divine sung twice is repetitive? I don't think you know how to song.

Ooh! That was good :)

This monthly format seems better - much more polished songs. Lovely to listen to.

Great work.


That tune was really soft to the ears. Catchy too.

Keep it up!

Splendid piece of creativity! And as always, its not just your music that matters, its the message and mindset behind the music that are equally important!

I do understand that some people focus on the music part and try to find flaws or dislikes, yet they seem to forget that this is not commercial music made to dance or to make money.
As far as I have experienced it, it is musical art/philosophy that tries to combine your view on games, social values/human psychology and the world as a whole with your instrumental and vocal skills!

I wouldn't mind being as multi-talented as you Rebecca.
Alas butterfingers and musical instruments don't match, ghehe.

Oy... Okay, great music, good message if overdone, but what in the fuck does this have to do with Reach besides having Halo as it's title? I mean, Rebecca, you make good music, but I have yet to hear a song that doesn't just use the game's title as a jumping off point for some other message, completely diverting from the material you're dragging your audience in for. The exception is the hate message you sent Yahtzee, and that's, honestly, your best song because of it.

But, like I said, good song. If it wasn't supposed to be connected to Reach it would have been great.

Definately my favourite from you.
One thing:
Not so much about halo in most places, about video games and talent - at a guess that means you started writing this before reach was released?
No offense, but this seems to be similar to a lot of your songs - video games and a very, very, very vague theme of the game.

Anyone with me thinking Mayes has gotten more obscure over time? Help me out here, I haven't played the game, but what does this have to do with Halo?

Three messages saying the same thing in a row ^
Bad sign, Rebbeca

Love it!

Best one yet!!
Beautiful message, uplifting yet compromising on the human condition.

Very impressed



When I left school my English teacher handed out copies of Nelson Mandela's inauguration speech for everybody. It was telling us that we could go on from there and achieve anything, and never to be afraid of success. Since that English class was probably the seed that made me want to write for a living, that speech has some personal meaning to me.

Most of that English either has more kids than fingers or are spending most of their adult lives in prison now. I think they may have missed the point of the speech somewhat...

I haven't played any Halo game after the first one (which I thought sucked) so I don't know how this links into the game (besides the title appearing in the chorus). But I loved the song regardless, it was uplifting and powerful. Exactly what you'd expect from a Rebecca Mayes song.

I thought the line 'get in the driver's seat, get out of the passenger's seat,' was particularly clever. Nice little dual meaning there.

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