The Escapist Radio Theater #11

The Escapist Radio Theater #11

Some of us are just more easily distracted than others.

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Hahaha. What a champ. Great comic guys.

Nice one.
I'm really loving the art in this comic. 'tis purdy...

Man, I love this comic so much......

Yay for Halo ACTION FIGURES!!!

That was sweet ^_^

Like the style too.


Fantastic as always! XD

Great comic.

Toys are awesome.

Awesome comic, love them so much. :)

Nice. I really liked this one. Kudos! :)

Still easily my favourite of the Sunday Funnies, the only one (in my opinion) that is consistently funny.

My life story.

In that last panel, I just felt that that could have been done better, like a face on the man and woman that just says "WTF?!".

I think the WTF moment passed about two panels back. They're just watching the show.

This comic never fails to make me fall in love with its artwork.

don't you just hate it when that happens?

Yes it is true you can't eat gamer score.... But you CAN shove it down other peoples throats XD

haha, that's how I am sometimes, easily bored, video games r serious businesssss

Such a pretty comic.

And yes, I've probably done this at least once in my life. Start amusing myself with toys/random objects while other people are talking.

Mmm, achievement sandwhiches.

heh that was cute.

That's totally me.
I really want to get those Action Figures i see whenever im in Game Stop.
Not because i want to sell them later on for profit.
but because i want to play with them, and yes....i make the Sound FX whenever i get my hands on a cool Action Figure.

I was at my local Game Stop this past weekend and they had a Spartan 3 with a Warthog and a(i think it was a an Honor Guard)Elite with a Ghost.
I wanted them so bad.

Plus they were panted really well, Armor Dings and everything.

Anyway, Great comic man.
It is hard for me to pay attention to two people talking about something i really don't have anything to add too, especially if i have my DS in my Pocket.

Hehehe... if you've never had this happen to you, you probably don't experience many of life's little joys.


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