Critical Miss: #41

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Sometimes you have to go with the lesser of two evils.

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Loved it, especially the little Trojan remarks.

Good job.

Hahaha awesome.

Dante all the way! <.< >.> Definitely not new Dante...

I object to the notion that New Dante would murder them and steal their money for crack!

He's too much of a pansy for that.

I kid, I kid. Just rolling the dice.


YES, finally the first person to get the reference in the comic.

Also, good comic or whatever.

*leaves doing a victory dance...*

Worse: New Dante Alighieri
Afterwards you get to learn that you were the cause of his wife/fiance's eternal damnation, and that your brother can apparently track down some unknown man's family across several countries using only technology availible during the Crusades.

Anyways, the black text was hilarious this time around. I don't know why as in all fairness, it went on long enough that it should have worn out its welcome, but instead was funnier. Ah well, great comic as per usual with thankfully less scarring mental imagery this time around.

Subtext is classic XD

Boob grab pane 3 very subtle

Do you know these commercials that picture the anti-bodies within someone like this little army that defends against viruses and outside threats? You know, from these drinks that are supposed to make you more healthy?

Just imagine the anti-bodies in Kratos, man. Ripping shit up! No STDs for him, no sir.

I can honestly say that I got the Trojan gag, and I giggled a bit. Hope that makes the subtext guy feel a bit more appreciated. :)

What's a condom?

Real men don't use condoms.

They use hydra bladder.

The more one is experienced and good at sex the bigger the risk.

When giving us another comic based on getting it on with Kratos, the only song you COULD quote is "Where is my mind?"

It's in the gutter. Next to some ashy goop and a hydra bladder.

:P Kratos is a man slut

dante, dante's inferno or dante, devil may cry 's dante?

For some reason I liked the little text in the corner the best.

The text at the bottom was hilarious. Well done.

Onyx Oblivion:
What's a condom?

Oh Onyx... maybe when your older...

I love the poses of the statues. I think one of them is hip-thrusting. o.O Anyways, great comic. And it brings up a good point.

Well done comic. Had a good chuckle

Before there was reliable STD protection, the diseases were pretty much a fact of life. Anyone raising their hand to sleep with Kratos probably has syphilis already.

Real men don't use condoms.

They use hydra bladder.

That is pure awesome.

I had a nice chuckle from 'sometimes I cry at night'.

Try this trick and spin it, yeah!
Your Head will collaspe and if there's nothing in it you'll ask yourself
Where is my mind?

I had the trojan joke explained to me by my parents when the simpsons did it lol. Great comicas usual, but GOD people need to get over the dante remake imo. It's not that bad if you ask me and you should cause... I'm like... knowledgable... in like these kinds of... stuff.

I am very satisfied that this topic merited a second comic.

Pixies! This comic is hilarious, while also referencing some of my favourite bands nearly every time. What more could I want?

The Trojan remarks got old... Kinda ruined the comic for me. I guess it was decent... Nothing special

I definitely enjoyed reading that. A good laugh, and an awesome reference to the Pixies.

I never thought about Kratos in any context than the God of War, but that doesn't mean it's not funny. I really hope this continues, because it's a great laugh in an otherwise dreary afternoon.

Gah! Trojan's aren't Greeks! The Trojans and the Greeks were enemies, there's this whole book about it.

Sorry, just had to get that out of my system. Carry on.

Ouch. And the new Dante couldnt score with a hooker...

He doesnt have the money cause he spends all of it on crack.

Sorry... Great comic!

The Trojan remarks made me laugh,so hard!

I thought they meant Dante from "dante's inferno" then I read "the New Dante" :p. Also, I like the redhead. Mol was it?

Gah! Trojan's aren't Greeks! The Trojans and the Greeks were enemies, there's this whole book about it.

Sorry, just had to get that out of my system. Carry on.

Spot on, Troy was actually in good ol' Turkey. It's imperfect narative.


Also I actually quite like the new Dante. I never liked the old one as he didn't look like a badass as much as he looked like a raging douchebag. The new Dante looks like a relatable human being. A human being with a burning desire.

A burning desire for crack.


New Dante probably gets propositioned more than you think... in prison! XD

Onyx Oblivion:
What's a condom?

Don't sleep with Onyx! He'll give you warts!

Keep ripping on Dante guys ...seriously, he Deserves it :D

And FYI, I like my comicbook antiheroes raging douchebags rather than pathetic mewling "human beings"
...besides, everyone knows that being Human is Overrated :-/

The weirdest part about this comic was seeing Kratos' without a scowl.

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