Trailers: Disney Epic Mickey Storytelling

Disney Epic Mickey Storytelling

A behind the scenes look at the storytelling aspect of Disney Epic Mickey.

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Ah Warren Spector, how I love thee.

I particularly like his approach to game story and his emphasis that it's not a one-way deal like it is in other mediums. I already had Epic Mickey pegged as a must-buy, but this was still nice to see. The game can't come soon enough.

Why is it considered a new idea for games to have an interactive way of telling a story? I always thought that was one of gamings main advantages. At least Mr. Spector gets this.

Still the game does look like something amazing. Style has always been a big part of a good game for me and the visuals in this look AWESOME!!!

Looking forward to it.

This is one of those games I know that my girlfriend and I will enjoy. A lot.

Herr Doktor Spector...

You still have not yielded the secrets of the Orange Moongate to me.

Curses upon you!


Spector having a story about reconnecting with your brother, that will never work. *Goes back to Duex Ex*

You know what I haven't seen yet in the gameplay videos?

Mickey going up against those Beetleworx things. I saw the concept art and models for those things and I'm still wondering when they're going to show them in action. :(

I feel a bit uneasy when he said that he had an idea for a science fiction game that was turned down because the executives already had an idea for a game that they pretty much told him to make. Feels almost like a Disney version of the mainstream gaming marketing department telling the developers to make Gears of War clones.

I'll be interested to see how this goes, but as soon as he said the executives gave him the idea for the game, I felt a bit of my optimism begin to slip away.

It's almost like the guys from Extra Credits read Warren's mind. What they were referring to about writing in a videogame is so similar to how Warren approaches the same subject.

We got some talented folk here at The Escapist!

Damn it Unskippable, I can't not see the ears!

Damn it Unskippable, I can't not see the ears!

Once it has been seen....


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