Shamus Plays: Champions Online, Part 12

Shamus Plays: Champions Online, Part 12

Something stinks in Millenium City, and for once, it actually is the sewers.

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I mean Poe I like, Poe is a good name, full of existential dread, but Kevin?

And Purple?

Even Mauve is scarier than Purple.

Again, I'll point to the Sewer bad guys:


They took out the time limit on Help a Citizen, but thats the only improvemnt. At least now you can save them for those long periods when you are out of level-appropriate storyline missions and need more quests to level up. They still suck, though.

Worst mind control ever. "Once I have this cop under my control, I'll use him to tell a random superhero to eliminate my competition!" is not an inherently bad idea, but it requires a bunch of backstory between all four characters, which we don't have.

So the very officer that sent you on sane missions compared to everyone else in the city was mind controlled? So does that mean anytime a hero sends you on a quest to find the arson of the city, defeat the gang leader OR stop a bank robbery you have to be suspicious now? Quite the conundrum.

aww i liked that guy. he was sane. oh well.

I lost an hour to TV tropes thanks to the link in there...

Damn You Shamus!!!

It sounds to me like Star-on-chest would be more comfortable being a bad guy. Since at least one dude is sensible on that side.

You know, if DC released a comic that was Superman stuck in this kind of environment, where he's the only sane man in an otherwise "normal" superhero universe I'd buy it. But then, it would probably just be this Shamus Plays over again with less snark.

Yet another entertaining article--but you really need to be more careful with those TV Tropes links. I know of no website more likely to pull me into a vortex of lost productivity and useless but interesting facts.

More on topic, this game seems downright absurd. Granted, Shamus always has a delightfully sarcastic outlook on EVERYTHING, but for the last dozen articles or so, I've just been wondering how exactly a story this bizarre came to be.

So wait... The same officer currently under mind control sent you to a hero who then revealed that the officer was under mind control??? I guess sending you off to do even more missions for them BEFORE you found out would have been too easy?

Ah, yes, I remember those absurd missions from CO. Majority of the time, they are there just to annoy the hell out of you for picking a particular power setup that would work best for a different set of missions all together. But, I feel that the escort missions tend to be the worst since you have to make sure your fellow cohort doesn't drop dead while you protect your own butt from a sudden onslaught.

Though, those help a citizen missions are much more annoying. Why in the world can't they spot stuff that happens ACROSS THE STREET from the both of us and not across the town?! Then I remember why, we the players during beta practically begged for extra things to do (missions were a little sparse at the time) and got these generic quests in return.



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