Escapist News Network: Sony's Crazy Marketing

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On the subject of hunting and deer, does anyone here remember Deer Avenger? Man, I miss that game.

I do, that game made Deer Hunter ideas fun

On topic, great show, just went to check out and ya...kinda crazy. In my opinion Kevin Butler was the best marketing they did, they should have stuck with him for their promos

I think you guys messed up with Pul Sanders and 1889 ?

Great. Thanks. My parents thought I was doing homework and the punchline about Deer Hunter from Mr. Stark made me laugh so loud they realized I was doing jack-all.

Super as always, although it felt a bit short.

The best part:

I see... what.

Yay buttons is hilarious, but good episode anyway


Somehow the whole button thing reminds me of 2 Stupid Dogs cartoon...

Ah, the memories...

Yay for baboons. Better than Bobby Kotick.

Yep, couldn't agree more.
I mean come on Activision! ANYTHING is better than your current CEO. Get a monkey, it's far more economical and better!

So Paul now plays three characters;

Marc Sauceman, Paul Saunders and now Pul Saunders.


Wait, "Lithe"? [scratches head...]

Not exactly a word I would use for the ENN crew, but it would have been worse with a Quix pix in there. Ryan is definitely not Lithe.

what!? I LOVED Sega Channel!

I would have personally gone down the thought trail of throwing shit on their ideas or something.

Could it be possible that "Pul Sanders" was intentional? I seem to remember that being a Winnie the Pooh reference, though it's been aeons since I've read any A.A. Milne.

Not contradicting those who thought differently, just throwing a weird thought out there for people to discuss.

Hehe, isn't Kevin Butler occasionally the VP for marketing?

Hehe, Kevin Butler is a babboon...

Well, you know, /one/ baboon at the top, instead of a worthless milk-carton salesman.. that actually would be a good idea, and would be a huge improvement for Sony.

It's these other couple of hundred monkeys Sony employ in their subdivisions that causes the problems..

I'm going against everyone here to say that the two typos I noticed (Pul, Junrior) were intentional.

The reason is I believe that ENN is actually being edited by an orangutan.

Baboons dont require dental benefits ? Have you ever actually seen a baboon ?

I liked the yay buttons thought it was funny and cute!:[

which band? The Deer Hunter OR The Dear Hunter
The The Dear Hunter is one of my favorite bands!

Sonic and Knuckles was AWESOME.

Graham... you hate the animals?

But why? WHYYYY?! They're so cute and fluffy and keep the ecosystem going! -tears into a delicious hamburger- I mean, seriously. Why hurt animals?

.......yeah, I thought that joke with the baboons was funny...back when this show was called southpark and the baboons were jelly fish charged with creating family guy jokes.

it was manatees :D

OT: One of the best ENNs yet

But animals are so cute and crunchy.

Lithe, good one dudes.

I like how Jeremy Patter is neither the guy who is always on the joke nor the straight man that realizes how weird all of this is, he is the latter trying to be the former. It makes his reports look so tightly written, even in simple lines like "I see... what?"

Oh my god... that is real. That is a real thing. And it is every bit as ridiculous as it seemed. I thought they were making up a more far-fetched version of the actual campaign. I am awestruck. Not enough to buy it. An ad page about buttons in a writing style that sounds like a 40 year old business exec trying to imitate a 13 year old stoner isn't terribly compelling. But still, it does remind you of the marvelous human potential for sheer badger-in-my-pants crazy (not my phrase).

I just don't understand...Sony were smart enough to keep their name off of every page of that website but stupid enough to pay someone to make it.

No, worse, there was a meeting where somebody pitched this idea to them and they said 'yeah! We'll do that! We are so totally connected to our market!' presumably whilst smoking rolled up 100 dollar bills and laughing at poor peoples haircuts.

Does it mean I need to go to bed when the first thing I notice is Pul's tongue clicking when he speaks on ENN?

Is it weird that whenever Paul is in that backdrop all I see is this:

I don't usually flame spelling mistakes, but when "Pul Saunders" is introduced, I just had to write this little comment, to inform the world that pul means fuck in norwegian.

I'm sure you all appreciated that :3

(btw: LRR: you rock :D)


The reason is I believe that ENN is actually being edited by an orangutan.

That would explain the turd-flinging on the LRR MOONBASE WHITEBOARD.

I think you guys messed up with Pul Sanders and 1889 ?

Yeah, well, about that 1889 thing... See for yourself:

Sega Channel was awesome.

I'm going to make a comment here: at least Nintendo offers a solution. Nippon Ichi's solution to the gamebreaking glitch in Ar Tonelico 2? Grind more so you'll finish the boss fight before the boss starts using the game-breaking glitch. Smooth.

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