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"The right now's in chickens, kid," I say to anyone who will listen. "Worry about the future when it comes." I say this because you can feed a family of eight for an entire year off the proceeds of one chicken. Use the chicken to raise chicks to sell at a market, use the non-fertilized eggs to feed the kids, use the manure to fertilize the cash crops you grow in the fields. It's protein-based subsistence farming. This is the yearly miracle I work, not because I'm divine, but because I have to.

Original Comment by: Mark
It's refreshing to see a serious, poignant game that's not self-righteous, overbearingly political, oversimplified, or otherwise not-fun. A game that has a serious point and makes that point without being a prick about it or relying on controversy to sell, and with some depth behind it.

Things like this won't ever be the Next Big Thing, but when games make it as a mainstream art form, sims like these will have a cherished spot. "Documentary games," we might call them.

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There was that World game where you could play someone anywhere in the entire world. No graphics, only text. You played their life. I forget what it was called though unfortunately.

Thanks for highlighting this interesting little game. Unfortunately I had to find an alternative host since the original site has gone down: http://www.heavygames.com/3rdworldfarmer/showgame.asp

As a sim it feels weird, but perhaps that's intentional? The amount of crops doesn't seem to matter so much as whether you plant them, and once you get some livestock you can survive pretty much indefinitely, though I never felt exactly prosperous. The sim's not exactly deep, but it's quite good for a 15-minute (or longer..) Flash gamelet.


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