Critical Miss: #42

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Lono Shrugged:
usual class. This is becoming my fave webcomic. keep being disgusting and non pc!

Becoming? This has been my favourite comic (web or otherwise) for at least three weeks, based solely on the awesomeness that is Stout.

I obviously read more disgusting webcomics then you. When the day comes when they show Master Chief slowly tearing a kitten's skin off like a ketchup sachet THEN it will be my favorite. (can't let them get too cocky)

I suppose you could chalk it up to the limited number of webcomics I read regularly (PA, VGcats, Critical Miss, and a few others), but I still maintain this as my favourite...

"Tits of GTFO!"

"This happens far more often than you might think."

Oh, I can only imagine. If 'making fun isn't always fun', I can't imagine that telling people about fun would ever be.

EDIT: Oh, I came late to this party. I shouldn't read old comics anymore...

Rapelay... The top argument in favor of censorship.

Not really. I've never played the game myself; but since it has been a great curiosity in the community, I've read many a review of it.

So I will fully admit this is an impression garnered second hand; its not just a game with a vile subject matter, it's a terribly constructed one. The graphics clip into one another, it's visual design is allegedly so generic one could confuse it for a shitty mod/flash game based on a professional game.

Is the subject matter horrible; yes.

Do we, as a community, really need the nonsense it brings; no.

However I feel the best solution is to let people sate their curiosity by checking it out: and they will discover that there isn't even an attempt at anything resembling a narrative (for better, or for worse) and my guess is that by and large it won't need formal censorship. Because like all things we find socially and morally abhorrent we will simple shun it and kill it deader than any ban ever will.

EDIT: Good lord, 3 year old Thread Necromancy, this is what drunken posting gets me.


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