Trailers: Raving Rabbids: Travel in Time

Raving Rabbids: Travel in Time

Rayman's Raving Rabbids are back to conquer the world by conquering the past.

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Action eh?

May have potential.

While I hate the Rabbids, this was bloody funny as all their trailers are XD

Why don't they make Rayman anymore? I miss our disembodied friend (though his later games weren't great) and I hate the rabbids

Are there enought Rabbid games on the Wii to justify calling them the official 3rd party Mascot for it?

They seemed to have forgotten that this series comes from a guy with no joints.



That actually looks pretty interesting.

Leaving me to once again wonder what this series is about, what the game play looks like, and pretty much everything else about it except for it has rabbits and time travel.

Sadly the Rabbids were one of the very few redeeming qualities the wii had (as far as games goes) and unfortunately, they're not enough to make the wii a system worth having.
RR:TiT seems interesting, or at the very least, humorous.

A new Rayman is coming out this year

so your prayers have been answered

This tells us next to nothing about the game, but... d'aww, rabbids! I guess I'm still a sucker for those dopey little guys. I think they're about to have less fun on top of an Aztec sacrificial altar, than they did on Columbus's ship, though.

I'm honestly kinda bored of rabbids now and this is coming from a guy who was a big fan to begin with. Seems they're entering the realms of milking to death to me

well ok, it's entirely possible that the raving rabbids series is becoming independent of Rayman, so then they can churn out this every so often to keep the fanboys interested, while focussing their time creating a rayman game that is actually about rayman for once. i.e. Rayman Origins. so i'm all for it.

Mista Miggins:
They seemed to have forgotten that this series comes from a guy with no joints.

And yet, it must take the team many joints to come up with new Rabbids games.


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