Topical Tuesday: The Reign of Motion Controls

Topical Tuesday: The Reign of Motion Controls

Which games would you like to see made for Kinect or PlayStation Move?

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I'm going to have to go with a live MMO. I think actually having to memorize motions for spells, dodging, blocking and attacking would be a riot standing up PLUS I think it would get rid of a lot of people who just crush buttons.

Not to mention, if I played a live MMO with motion control for 4 hours straight, think of the workout!

Black and White, to truly feel like a God.

The hand mouse cursor was all very well and good back in it's time, but imagine how awesome it would feel to reach out and pick up people, or to fling them over the horizon with a casual flick of your wrist.

It's should also incorporate a kind of Kinectimal interface so you can directly assume control of your creature and feel like Godzilla.

That's another game, a 3D Kinectimal-like version of Rampage, so you could stomp and destroy cities in your living room.

If they made a 3D Kinectimal/Godzilla/Rampage-esq city destroying game that wasn't aimed at kids, then I would seriously reconsider 3D technology... I'm already sold on motion controls since owning an Eye-Toy many moons ago.

A non-mini game, not shallow, complete and rich in modes tennis sim.

But that's never going to happen, is it?

Unless "Top Spin: Kinect" ever gets made.

The Escapist Radio Theatre had a good argument for Shadow Of The Colossus.

I want a good RTS made with the Move. From what i hear RUSE actually works pretty naturally with the Move! And i can certainly see that genre finally working with Move Controls. IT WILL NOT WORK ON KINECT. RTS games still need buttons. sorry MS :P

Tai Chi. Yes we need an instructional video using Kinect to do Tai Chi. Not only is it relaxing, you won't get tired after a while and resort to waggle.

I have a game idea for Kinect called Taxi: NYC. It's a FP taxi hailing sim where you raise your arm and whistle when a cab approaches. If you're white, it stops and you win.

Sex game, because that would work. And the game would come with male and female genitalia.

Sex game, because that would work. And the game would come with male and female genitalia.

So instead of a move controller you get a fleshlight?

I would go balls to the wall with Bad Company 2. To be able to climb onto a tank with realtime collision detection between my limbs and the tank allowing me to then hide behind the turret, plant some C4 then jump off and run like the dickens as I detonate that mother. Also scaling up the side of buildings would be a real bonus!

Mount & Blade with Black & White's spell casting system mixed in.

Either that or Duke Nukem Forever as it was reviewed by Yahtzee -- complete with cooking simulation.

The next Fight Night could be pretty cool on both for first-person play. If Nintendo would sell the rights to Super Punch-out, that would also be pretty awesome.

I would absolutely LOVE to see the next Elder Scrolls game work with Move. Sony should have added a motion ball on top of their navigation controller so you can move directionally and use a shield at the same time (If they had done that it would have been something different enough from the Wii while including awesome functionality, but hey - what does a consumer know?)

And yeah. Shadow of the Colossus.

Games I'd like to see on those respective systems -

Move -

Red Faction: Demolition Days, or any other game that allows you to destroy a structure by swinging the Move controller. - The Move would benefit more from the Euphoria and Havok physics engines than the Wii would.

Kinect -

Virtua Cop - Kinect can sense your position, just as Virtua Cop did in the arcades. Put those two together and you have a recipe for a great arcade port.

Any RPG that allows voice recognition. - A LARP-based RPG would be fun, even if the idea is a tad silly.

An interactive music tutor, or self contained music maker. - Nothing like Wii Music, which is a foul version of a real music teacher. This game would allow you to use real instruments of any kind, woodwind, string, bass, ect., and allow you to upload music sheets that the game will help you with so you can play the song with less frustration.

As for the launch titles I want to try -

Move -

Sorcery - When I saw the E3 2009 live demo on GameTrailers for the Move, this was the first thing that popped into my head.

Tumble - Jenga-style games are always fun since stacking a sturdy structure requires some skill and dexterity.

Kinect -

Sonic Free Riders - I've seen enough E3 and other demo videos to make me want it on launch day.

Kinect - Any fighting game, honestly. When the divide between people who can fight and people who play Video Games is IMMENSE to say the least, anything which can devolve Ryu and Blanka into a nerdish slapfight is worth money in my book.

Sex game, because that would work. And the game would come with male and female genitalia.

Haha, This! I'm also glad I'm not the only person who's thought of this possibility ;-)

Die by the Sword.

I detailed as to why in an earlier post.

Blade Trilogy

Hello!!!!!!!!"Hard-core gamers have looked down their nose at motion gaming: it's ... Nintendo Wii: Sony Says Nintendo Will Struggle Against Sony's Motion Control ..... idea of motion sensor, and claimed that they will reign with it.

vacation homes

I don't really like the idea with Kinect.. But if i had to play it i'd go for Black and White :).


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