Escape to the Movies: Red

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This week MovieBob takes a look at Red and also sees some ninjas.

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grrr cant wait to see R.E.D. now :P had totally forgotten about it, but thanks moviebob :D cant wait ^^ "Ninja's.. Damn" xD

Did John Malcovich just shoot an RPG out of mid-air?


Helen Mirren doesn't hurt, either. Hell, the entire list of stars doesn't hurt. Great actors, action, AND comedy. I haven't seen a really good action comedy since...Rush Hour 2.

Maybe I'll go with my Dad. Father-Son bonding and stuff.


Yeh Bob I'm still mad and I was only Two when it was released.

A Tasty Burger:
First. Oh wait ninja'd. Damn.

oh you! that is quite clever.

Ok, anyone can say what they want about RED. Looks like a good movie and I want to see it. The real topic of conversation just like when he first (re)appeared in Pirates of the Carribean, is Geoffrey Rush in a ninja movie. Is he now the defacto grisled (insert genre film style here) actor? Does he make an appearance in the new TRON as an antivirus program? Thanks for the review Bob and thank you geoff for making these B movies slightly B'er.

Ninjas... dang.

Did I dood it right?

Looks pretty good, hope that you do a full review on it sometime.

Ninjas, Damn. That's funny. I am very looking forward to RED and even more so now that MovieBob gave it a good review. And now have to keep my eye open for a Warriors Way. Also Nathan Filton as Nathan Drake would be all kinds of wonderful.

"Ninjas. Damn."

LOL. Geoffrey Rush is awesome.

Yep... MovieBob just introduced us to the new meme. DAMN YOU!

And yeah, Red looks good. I want to go see it.

Definatly going to see this, looks awesome. Also... Ninjers? dam?

Cowboys fighting ninjas? Sold.

The quote you pull out at the end as the definative of 2010, I'm not sold on. Movie looks good, but that quote was rather meh.

Red looks pretty good, that scene of him getting out of the spinning car is astounding.

Additionally, there's another JD movie coming??

Hmm, I'm intrigued!

Bruce Willis and Morgan Freeman? In an action comedy?

Why, yes, I think I do want to see that one.

The part where Bruce Willis steps out of a car mid-spin would have been his most awesome moment if it didn't look sooooo fake.

damn, so many things to cover.

First: Kudos- much more the informational critique than the thinly-veiled editorials you've been indulging yourself in recently.

Second: nice little homage to Kill Bill in there.

Third: Damn, I forgot how hot a heavily-armed Angelina Jolie is. I think I'll have to indulge in a Mr. and Mrs. Smith/Wanted double feature in the near future.

Fourth: Love the Fighting Hellfish episode of the Simpsons, so you got me seeing Red (hahaha, C whut I...) right there.

Fifth: I hadn't heard about 'The Warrior's Way', but I'm tracking it now.

Sixth: I wouldn't blow off an 'Uncharted' movie just off the cuff: it could be the next Indiana Jones, if they handle it right-- and for God's sake, was there any doubt Fillion would be the lead??? Drake LOOKS like Fillion and is named NATHAN. Duh!

Seventh: Judge Dredd was actually the biggest abomination of Stallone's career (yes, even more than "Stop or My Mother Will Shoot!". I can't believe MI6 hasn't sent a hitsquad to kill him for crimes against the Empire.

And Bob, a personal request if you should happen to read this forum:
review this, PLEASE! It has Terrence Stamp and John Hurt in it! It might be awesome!

Red looks like it could be good, but with all the games coming out I don't know if I'll see it in theatres.

good call on the "Ninjas. Damn."

You had to go and mention the expendables didn't you.
See Bob, heres the thing, if you don't wan't to keep annoying us and getting flame for the expendables review... simply don't mention it.

Anyway im tempted to go see RED simply so I have something to talk about at work next week, it looks good.

Yeah. Not too excited about an Uncharted movie, either. Fillion could stand to do a little better than that.

Great. I want to see RED, and possibly say "Ninja's. Damn" out of context alot =]

I could totally see that everywhere in a month. "Ninjas. Damn."

Looks like fun :)

Morgan Freeman plays the James Bond?


Edit: "Ninjas. Damn." for the win :)
And Nathan Fillion is probably the only actor I could stand as Nathan Drake

Anyone tell me what film that was with the action chick?? I kinda wanna see it.

Looks interesting. Sums up all I thought it would be: good performances, plot soley existing to make action, and good action. In other words, my kind of movie for a rainy day. And also I... *shuriken flies by my head* Ninjas. Damn.

Personally I find Helen Mirren more attractive than Angelina Jolie could ever hope for.

I was already planning on seeing RED anyway but it's nice to see you do a good review again.

Seriously though? "Ninjas, Damn" is what you consider to be a good quote?

This is what I'm going to see for my birthday tonight!

Also I will now be using "Ninjas, Damn" quite often thanks Bob.

"Machette don't text" > "Ninjas. Damn."

Ok I've been dying to see RED since it came out today and OMFG!!! The Warrior's way looks GODLY!!!!

Ninjas......*Breaks down in tears of Joy* THANK YOU GOD FOR NINJAS!!!!

Finally some good ninja screenstime! Cowboys vs. ninjas eh? When are we going to get the inevitable zombies vs. ninjas movie?

In reality "Ninjas, Da-- *head cut off by said ninja*
I honestly think there have been better quotes in movies lately for memeic use.
My favorite meme to come out of this year was inspired by splice. It's Adrian Brody... well, being Adrien Brody

and no I don't know why it's so awesome either

Yeah, someone older in my life...yeah...some white haired guy probably.


Anyway, Geoffrey Rush (Aka Cassanova Frankenstein, aka Captain Barbossa, aka Peter Sellers) is always a delight to watch.

And Cowboys versus Ninjas? Damn, it's the Deadliest Warrior - The Movie.

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