Bumhug Parade #12

Bumhug Parade #12

Hehe ... hehe ... poop.

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It is the year of fanny!

I still cant belive Marmite didnt even get a nomination.


Farts are the best, poop has nothing on them.

Thats some crazy shit right there.

Farts are the best. And jesus I love the art-style on this one!

Thats some crazy shit right there.

This one sees what you did there.

Oh, poop.

No one nominated violence? Isn't slapstick funny anymore!?

Hehe, wonderful comic series.

Poor butt fans.

Looks like shit just hit the fan.
*takes on sunglasses*

Simple, but effective. Well done.

Based on a real story?

(I think LOLCon is a real thing, incidentally. Or was it ROFLCon?)

I love this comic, but I swear I've read pretty much the exact same joke but with different things other than poop and such. Maybe it's just deja vu or something... It feels like maybe a Far Side or a Perry Bible Fellowship... or maybe Boy On A Stick and Slither... Gah, it's driving me nuts! Or I could just be imagining it.

Now, of course, I'm not trying to knock the work, and I think this is probably my favorite Sunday Funnies comic, but it's just eating away at my mind that I've seen this punchline before! Ah well. I'll either remember it or not.

what about toilet humour....wait...

Love the announcers expression in the second panel. Great comic!

As usuall king of the Sunday Funnies.


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