Question of the Day, October 18, 2010

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Question of the Day, October 18, 2010


It looks like The Hobbit movie is finally moving ahead. It's full speed ahead, what with Peter Jackson stepping in for Guillermo del Toro as director and the financial troubles fixing themselves. So, what do you think? Are you ready for more Tolkein on the big screen, or are you LOTRO'd out?



I loved the books as a child.

I don't know why I didn't like Lord of the Rings. I certainly should have, but all of the movies somehow seemed boring to me. So I don't think I'll be going to see The Hobbit.

Once again the poll is lacking options.

My opinion is pretty much on the fence, I wish Del Toro would've been able to do it. I'm looking forward to it but I'm not overly enthused about it.

I hope it will be good, I want to say I can't wait, but, I've leanred not to get to hyped about films and games.

Once again the poll is lacking options.

Indeed, so I am refraining from voting.

I think it'll be good, and I shall no doubt see it. I do dislike that they have decided to milk it into two films though. The Hobbit is written in larger writing than the LOTR and the books about half the size of any of them, they could easily fit it into three hours.

where's the "I love John Roland Reuel Tolkein's work... as books" option?

As good as the films where I'd much rather enjoy them as they were meant to be enjoyed, in my own head. I can't see "there and back again" being any different.

I want to see it, that's for sure. And hopefully District 10 will come after it.

And it's my Birthday BTW!

Yeah the poll is lacking options.

Still I'm fairly excited to see this.

How do I want to put this...

Considering how horribly written the LotR was, and how wonderfully written the Hobbit was, I'm certain this will come out well. Jackson and his team made LotR actually interesting, which is an amazing feat in and of itself (it took me the better part of two decades to, bit by bit, devour the Red Book. What a headache!). The fact that it's spread into two movies doesn't bother me in the slightest. I don't know why it should. Is this another one of those "I'm annoyed about the idea in general, so I'm going to piss and moan about it because /pout doesn't come across well on the net?"


None of the poll options reflect my opinion because while I'm not particularly excited about the new film, that doesn't mean that I don't like Lord of the Rings that I only care about the trilogy.

I do like the Lord of the Rings and the films that I've seen, likewise I also like The Hobbit but I'm just not excited about the new film.

Maybe if I knew more about the film I might be more excited about it, but as it stands I'm not even interested enough to find out more about it or view any hype.

I'm sure it'll be an excellent film though, as it's got great source material and a good director, but I'm just not excited about it.

Mostly I don't care. But if its playing in my area maybe ill go watch it. But don't know yet.

Once again the poll is lacking options.

My opinion is pretty much on the fence, I wish Del Toro would've been able to do it. I'm looking forward to it but I'm not overly enthused about it.

Ditto. I know it's hard to match everyone's personal opinion on things, but this one I think would have greatly benefited from a "I'm interested but not overly enthusiastic" option. I'll consider seeing it in the theater if A: reviews sound geared towards something I'd like, and B: My girlfriend goes nuts over it. She's a LoTR fan (scarily so sometimes) so I'm curious to see her thoughts on it.

I don't know much but I am interested however. I will wait.

I was greatly looking forward to it until Del Toro had issues with Jackson. Personally, I think Del Toro's style and creativity would have made the movies just incredible! It was much more of a fantasy novel considering the smaller spiders that could talk and the wood elves...oh yeah Smaug! I mean how awesome would he have made him look? Oh well. I'll probably still go see it but I really wanted Del Toro to do it (as previously mentioned).

The Hobbit was one of the first fantasy books I ever read. I'm looking forward to seeing it made into a movie. I just hope this time they don't rip out the neat stuff.

Why isn't there a "Yes, I can't wait for The Hobbit" option?

Anyway, I just hope it turns out to be as good as the LotR movies, been awhile since I watched movies that awesome.

Very much yes! I really liked the LOTR movies, so I would like to see these as well.

Wow, limited poll options.

I find I can't get all that worked up about the movie just yet. It has the potential to be excellent, but it could just as easily be a disaster. There just isn't enough information out.

Ill be honest, I dont know what much about the Hobbit, but, I certainkly not against it

I want to see it so bad i just hope that i won't cry in the end as i did reading the book

A Smaug level meh here.

Adding another vote to the 'Keep it as books', especially given the awful mess that was made of the Lord of the Rings movies.

I'm so excited! And I just can't hide it!

Although I can count the books I have read on my hands, this is my favourite! I loved the LOTR films as well and I can't wait! eeeeeeepp

I'm interested, but not super-psyched. I feel this option is missing in the poll.

I slept through most of the first two, liked the third, and am indifferent to this movie.
The play was excellent though.

I am actually really, really hyped. I love all Tolkein's books, and massively enjoyed the films too. Also The Hobbit was the first Fantasy book I remember reading (or having read to me, I was very young), and the end still brings tears to my eyes.

I am very pleased to hear it's going ahead after all this uncertainty, and will eagerly await any further developments.

EDIT: Oh 600th yay :)

I'm most interested in seeing the intelligent dragon portrayed in a modern movie. Dragons today are all portrayed as basically flying t-rexes, while I prefer a more DND take on dragons where they are highly intelligent and skilled in arcane arts.

I didn't vote I'm interested in seeing it and I enjoyed the animated The Hobbit.

Man, I wanted to see Del Toro's Smaug :(
But on the other hand: ITS THE HOBBIT MOVIE!
ohboyohboyohboyohboy ect..

0_0 There's going to be a what!!?!?!?! WHY WASN'T I TOLD SOONER!?!?!?!?


I am very happy The Hobbit is finally going to be made. It is a bit sad Del Toro will not be directing it but at the same time it feels like fate that Peter Jackson is directing it.

I liked the Hobbit more the LOTR (books)
If the Hobbit film is anything like the LOTR films the win win win.

Parden my language but, FUCK YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've been waiting for this movie since the LOTR movies hit the screen.
I watched (and LOVED) the anamated version for so long that I will be uterly heartbroken if this movie isn't absolutly amazing.

wow... I just went all Fanboy on this didn't I...

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