Question of the Day, October 18, 2010

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I'm glad to see more Lord of the Rings on the way. Plus, nothing against Mr. Del Toro, but let's face it, Peter Jackson will give The Hobbit the same love he gave Fellowship/Two Towers/Return of the King.

The poll miss an option for people who love the books, and have a mild interest in the movies.

I can't imagine the movie generating as much hype as the LotR but if they do nearly as good of a job as they did with the originals, it should be well worth my time. Not terribly excited about it, but it should have some nice visuals to rest the eyes on.

Really wish Del Toro could have been on board, but Jackson should do quite nicely anyways. Correct me if I'm wrong, but won't this be the first movie in quite a while to feature an awesome fight with a dragon laying waste to a city?

It sounds good. I just hope it's not short! XD

Unfortunately don't like any of the Lord of the Rings trilogy or the Hobbit... sorry...

My reaction upon hearing about the Lord of the Rings films was this:

"Dammit...they should start with The Hobbit! That's where everything began after all."

So I am a little bit more than psyched about the upcoming Hobbit movies x3 I just wish it was confined to 1 single film.

Really i don't care
See old folklore fairies used to name stereotypical ethnic groups, it just break my hart.
It is only short, tall or albino people, immortal people, humanoids all over, why fantasy writers dont have the courage to call them humans?

I can't help but feel that these polls are rigged for padding certain interests.. lol

Not much variation between, "I don't give a shit at all." and "This is going to be better than sex."

Needs more gray area.

I'm interested, won't deny that, but I'm not psyched or anything. This movie has changed hands quite a lot, and I was always reading something negative about the production over the years. So there's that, but we'll see.

What about "Meh, I guess I'll watch it."

I was originally against LotR, my patience tested by it's immense length.
My brother purchased the full collection though and we watched it all in one run, which has me convinced that is the only way to watch it now. That said I'm interested in how they pull off the Hobbit, another film I largely ignored and didn't offer the full level of my patience to.

Not really. Never was interested in the LOTR series.

'Stoked' doesn't quite cover it. I literally went 'hee!' when it was announced.

Poll needs a maybe/we'll see option. I don't doubt the movie, but 2009/2010 has shown me never to get excited about anything these days.

Except for Starcraft 2, I was like a hyper puppy moments before release...

The existing Hobbit movies aren't bad... just, Andy Serkis' Gollum is one of the greatest things I've ever seen. My childhood needs more of this.

Now if you excuse me (cough, cough)...
Thank you.

"The hobbit... has been given the greenlight." *Takes off Glasses


Old news (kinda) and I hope it's going to be filmed in New Zealand.

i hate the hobbits at lord of the ring

Meh, I'm not a huge fan of The Lord of the Rings. I really liked the first movie, and I'm rather "meh" about the others.

I don't really care if they make a Hobbit movie or not, and I don't really care if I see it either. I might, but I dunno if I'd really go out of my way for it.

del Torro was the guy who directed Pan's Labrinth, right? If that's the case I'm a little disappointed he won't be directing this, but I'll watch all the same.

Where is the "I've only seen the first Lord of The Rings movie, and played the Hobbit video game, which was awesome, so I guess in a way I may want to see the movie but I'm not sure" option?

There are, at least, 79 people on the Escapist that I know I won't be friends with.

Along with the Warcraft movie, this is the only film I'm looking forward to. Hopefully it'll be as good as the trilogy.

Only if David Tennant gets a major role :D

The third one. That said, I would have been cool with del Toro doing it, as well, he knows what he's about.

Where's the, "I still don't believe it's getting made" button?

I am really excited that they are finally making a movie of the Hobbit. I enjoyed the LoTR films and I love the book, so I am looking forward to watching it.

kinda wanna see it but have a feeling it may be bit crap

Was excited until I heard they pulled Del Toro off it. Now Peter Jackson can do whatever the hell he wants, I don't care.

Why is there 3 negative options and only 1 positive?

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