Unskippable: Let's Play: Legaia 2: Part 3

the horror..it's worse than i imagined.

EDIT: I'm first. wow. i feels happy.

Oh god, that game is so awful, my eyes are hurting just from watching you guys play it.

These are great though, makes my monday double as good together with unskippable.

I love these... This episode was a little lame though... I loved the echoes!! Made Graham sound epic.

The tech difficulties were worth it, just to hear the Whatever theme again.

I'm also not an alien, hah hah, we humans sure like to laugh.

This is so awesome!
I'm glad they made it available for non-publishers now.

I own (a hand me down) this game and contemplated playing it. Now I don't. Mission accomplished!

Lol this is a riot! keep up the funny tunes :P

Ah the adventures of Jimmy o'Toole.

The adventures of a tool continued. I find this funnier than most normal Unskippables despite the technical errors, possibly due to how nearly every character seems to have a dialogue branch for you to mock. I just hope you don't run into the trap of some Youtube Let's Plays and record large amounts of grinding if you're required to do that to get past a boss or something once the plot starts (played Legaia 1 and it was extremely hard).

Legaia 2: Part 3

Graham and Paul finally let a game stand on more than its intro. It crumples almost immediately. Enjoy this replay of the live feed and share in their pain.

Watch Video

i always love how Graham says that.

silly tech difficulties

Is that how far you got I thought you saw this thing till the game ended.

so when are you uploading the whole thing?

Keep an eye on the fat guy, he doesn't seem human.

Those second technical difficulties came a seredipitous time. It was actually funnier to see a guy walking around in the town, BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP he's lying face down on a sheep. Awesome.

Also it's pretty cool how every weapon is called 'a tool's weapon'. Indeed.

What? You don't start with a "whacking stick" or a "cutting blade"? Hmm... Maybe those are weapons you can buy later.

You haven't learned how to open trap doors yet. That comes with magic!

A tool we need to talk about your treatment of my cows...
Fucking A!

Ladders are hard

I feel I missed something crucial during the second technical difficulty.

Also where the hell did you get that wonky sounding music?

I remember when this was live, when Paul's audio started getting weird, people in the comments started saying "Paul, say 'Exterminate!'"


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