Dead Rising 2

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Dead Rising 2

Dead Rising 2 is only as hard as you make it.

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that is very true, i found this game much easier in comparison to Dead Rising 1... i guess it's because DR1 was so masochistic that by the time i had played through that 50 times i only needed 3 tries to get through DR2 (and i only threw the controller once!)

oh, and for the record, my favorite melee weapon is the knife-gloves... owns EVERYTHING!

Very good points. It is a game like so many where hindsight is the best weapon in your arsenal.
I did play Hacker and it was an absolute nightmare trying to work out what to do or how to do it. Much like trying to play Quake Minus One on the C64 which had instructions but proceeded to beat you into the ground before you could even work out how to refuel.

EDIT: Above poster correct, Knife Gloves really are amazing as they don't have the horrendous speed disadvantage of the Defiler. Add Painkillers into the mix which were really easy to make very close to the security room and you could toe-to-toe almost any psycho.

I do love that feel to Dead Rising... you aren't Zombie killer extraordinaire, well not at first anyway, and you have to learn your way around.

Can't wait for Case West and Dead Rising 3!

Yahtzee, this is why people always tell you that the game's multiplayer is the best part about it. When you're playing against actual people, there's always the possibility of something new being thrown at you that you weren't expecting.

Having said that, I also enjoy games that encourage you to explore to find the best combinations and tactics to win the game, without holding your hand. I've recently started playing Master of Orion 2 and have been finding the tactical combat very interesting because you need to learn which weapons work best against which opponents.

Hmm do we see in flashback some of the earliest forms of DRM? copy the game and there is an early ledge that requires a unique combo that is very tough to guess but is explained fully in the manual. Wouldnt work with the internet around but would be very effective before people had that and a game could have been copied 30 times before you got hold of it!

Not played either DR yet. will probbaly give this a try on the strength of this (but now I know all te combos it wont be as fun/difficult!

Horses actually gave out worse emissions then cars

I wouldn't call you a big dreamer.

You're too weird and antisocial to be a dreamer.

The last sentence was great. As a fellow reviewer, I also experienced a few games that I wanted to go back once I finished with it. Now, I never got the chance to play DR1, but DR2 gave me a good experience, but undercover. I found myself yelling, cursing the lack of info I got in hands to progress, but after I could surpass a challenge, I stopped to think, that all the yelling and stuff were rather fun, I needed to either think or improvise to learn surpass an obstacle, and that's something no game gave me lately.

I remember that bloody ledge in Flashback. Annoyed the hell out of me.

I really don't get why people keep saying Dead Rising was hard... honestly I don't, I'm not trolling here.

Was in no auto-aim? Was it only a single save slot? Was it pre-determined places in the sandbox world that you could save at? Was it the survivor escorts where you actually had to ESCORT them to safety instead of running off and hoping the AI is set to "we know the player is a tard, let's do it for him" mode. Was it the boss fights that aren't a guaranteed "Press A to Win" quicktime event and actually played like BOSS fights?

I finished that thing 1k/1k and I had a blast with it and never felt at all that the game was too dificult or hard. People are such whiny babies these days expecting them to hand them checkpoints every 2 steps and auto-aim/hardsights/bullettime/chesthighwalls for them to herpaderp through a game and feel like they're awesome gamers.

Regarding the watercooler comment, yesterday I was hanging out in my friend's suite. He was playing Bioshock 1, having never played it before. He's late to the party. Anyway I've played and beaten both Bioshock 1 and 2 and a few of his suitemates had as well. We sat around in their common room as he played and I watched in horror as he did everything different than me.

I never really used the research function, admittedly a mistake, in the first game. He was anal retentive about it. I was obsessed with having full health at all times. I'd make sure I had 9 health packs on me whenever possible. I'd leave all the health stations up so I could max out my health without using a first aid kit. I prioritized health above all else. He would walk around with half a health bar, 3 first aid kits, and break health stations for health packs. He used wrench boosting tonics. I used tonics that gave me more health, healed me when I hacked, made hacking easier, etc. He never hacked anything. I hacked EVERYTHING. He used electro bolt on pretty much everything. I used the ice plasmid on pretty much everything. That or fire. I wasn't too fond of electro bolt. He used security bullseye, I enslaved big daddies.

We played the same game so incredibly differently and sitting in that room arguing with all my friends about which was the best approach was awesome.

Also for the record, telekinesis is a useless piece of shit.

Still yet to play Dead Rising 2 but its on my list of games to play. I do remember a part in the first dead rising where my favourite weapons broke and my guns ran out of ammo. I was at the cinema area when this happened. Had to stuff my self over the other side of the counter and hope for the best. Throwing plates and cups at them... Though that being said, there was plenty of orange juice to keep me going so it wasn't a total loss.

Then of course, let's all not forget that a good number of us have been playing video games for years and recognize most any good trope that they'll throw at us. More than that, we've developed an adaptability: to new controls, new interfaces, etc. that puts us ahead of the thick-foreheaded types who don't play games so often because of all the sports and women they're enjoying.

I'm not sure if it was the final boss in DR1, but I know the tunnel vehicle section that had millions of zombies in it was a pain in the neck. I was borrowing the game from a friend, so I never beat it, I don't even know if I could.

Nice article, Yahtzee. but stil...
the Mario Galaxies? Seriously? Even after you made your thoughts on those games abundandtly clear?

Exploring and finding the best healing items and weapon combos is fun. Theoretically, they could take the Nethack approach where all items are "unidentified" and randomized on each playthrough. It would work with healing items, but with weapons you would need to have drastic variance in their statistics only when combined. While common sense says an axe beats a knife, the sledge+axe for example could be too unwieldy (slow) to use effectively and it could also have very low durability. Other combos could be even stronger than the regular sledge+axe.
It would promote the need for players to experiment with stuff on every playthrough.

And I haven't played either DR, but this praise from Yahtzee has me considering getting DR2. Now if only I could get a friend interested so we could do the co-op campaign..

You know, you could have replaced the words "dead rising" with "demon's souls" and sniper rifle with "bow and arrow" and this article could have been about my experience with said game, including the "not as challenging once you get it" part

Also, I seem to recall you mentioning GTA4 and Dragon age: origins, as games you still wanted to play after you finished reviewing them. Changed your mind?

Didn't have much trouble with Flashback on your letsplay though. Amazing game and I loved the hell out of it.

you want a license to print xp... get a stun rake (rake+car battery) and walk up to a really thick crowd of zombies. the electricity arcs when they're touching each other and you get XP for every kill :D only problem is it doesn't fit in your inventory. still a pretty good weapon though.

Ah, Hacker. That game was brutal. Figuring out the mechanics was quite fun (and finally getting the location of the test site so I could bypass all the early security stuff was great!), but it's on such a tight schedule that once you have the mechanics down you have to trial-and-error it to try get all the document pieces. Once I had the mechanics nailed down progress ground to a halt and I got bored. Never got into Hacker II: The Doomsday Papers at all.

I remember that bloody ledge in Flashback. Annoyed the hell out of me.

Aye. Hated that part. Took me a bloody long time to figure it out.

OT: True to the points, the game is as hard as you make it. Fallout 3, for example, is still challenging after my second play through while games like Bioshock 2 becomes trivial and too easy to be taken seriously after the first time.

I only finished Dead Rising 1 a few months back and had owned for about 3 years I think. I tried several times in the past but just got frustrated with some of the cheapness of the difficulty etc. But I was looking for games to play and went "You know what, fuck you Dead Rising, I'm going to finish you" and I luckily did and enjoyed it so much more than the previous times I'd played it after having the things I remembered from the first attempts.

I'm likely going to try again and get the best ending etc. soon. Then hopefully get Dead Rising 2 down the track.

I'm glad Yahtzee found the game so much fun, because I did too. The defiler is quite the Disc One Nuke (Go to TV Tropes if you don't know what I mean) though.

I wonder if he'll review Fallout tomorrow. Here's hoping he likes it, also: zombies.

What Yahtzee calls 'exploration' I call trail and error. To each his own but I didn't get that same sense of awe when I found out the sword worked better than the axe or coffee is better than potato chips.

The more I read about this game, the more I kind of feel like I need to play it, even if the time limit SHOULD be a game killer for me. I've just played so many HURRRGH SERIOUS BUSINESS GRRRRRR games over the past year this kind of seems like it would be a nice change of pace. I mean, I loved Heavy Rain, but CHRIST that was a downer, even with the good ending. After that I could use some pointless, extravagant bloodshed.

Stuff like this is what GameFly is for.

Go play Minecraft then, that game embodies discovery and if you discover everything there will be more after the next patch.

That ledge! it was the bane of my life for hours every time I wanted to play that game. Even when you read the manual and it says you have to sweep your fingers up the d-pad I could never get it just right.

Nice article, Yahtzee. but stil...
the Mario Galaxies? Seriously? Even after you made your thoughts on those games abundandtly clear?

You obviously weren't paying attention to what he said then.

It's especially apparent in his review of the first one;

He criticises the hell out of it for lacking any kind of originality, but points out that despite that, it is actually fun.

See, from that I gather that he actually likes Mario Galaxy, but just refuses to accept there is any merit in a company that rehashes the same characters plot and gameplay over and over.

You could call that hypocritical, but to be honest, liking something and finding fault with it aren't always mutually exclusive.

First of all, I have regained hope in Mr. Croshaw after reading that he did indeed enjoy the Galaxies enough to merit another play through. (rightfully so) People who say that either of the games are rehashes or not creative have obviously never played them.
Also, as somebody who hasn't played Dead Rising 2, I can't help but feel that the experience will be spoiled for me if I ever do get around to it. Now I know which weapons are best and what to drink fequently.

that is very true, i found this game much easier in comparison to Dead Rising 1... i guess it's because DR1 was so masochistic that by the time i had played through that 50 times i only needed 3 tries to get through DR2 (and i only threw the controller once!)

oh, and for the record, my favorite melee weapon is the knife-gloves... owns EVERYTHING!

I found the overtime mode easier for 2 and I reflected that this was not because it was dumbed down so much as because overtime mode on 1 was so hard it was almost not fun. The only way to survive was to kill the new enemy with swords and getting them while constantly being attacked... man, I rage quit after a while.

On the topic of Yahtzee's comments about experimenting, I just tried the tenderizers on Leon... a guy who took me close to 10 minutes to kill the first time... and he died in less than 3. So many new ways to do it!

Yahtzee Croshaw:
Extra Punctuation: Dead Rising 2

And with that in mind, I remembered that my first attempt at the game had been fraught with difficulty. Bosses gave me considerably more trouble, and several of them I'd simply gave up on ever beating. This wasn't just because I was low level and hadn't learned the dodge roll: Until I conversed with a friend about it, I didn't actually know that you could make combo weapons even if you haven't found its recipe card.

Sometimes it's nice that you have to figure stuff out yourself, but there's the huge disadvantage that you just showed, what if you didn't have that friend? Than you would just have ended the game there, and what fun would that be? Is this not a fail for the game? If you have to get out of character knowledge, is that not a fault? Of course, it depends entirely on why you had to seek knowledge outside the game, but when the game doesn't present any knowledge, how can you not?

Trial & Error is a hit 'n' miss when it comes to games, because your solution to a problem might be different than the solution the designer intended, and if he hasn't recognized your solution, your effectively stuck until you find out what you were "meant" to do. In the real world there are millions of solution to a problem, and in games there are only as many as the designer intended.

Despite all the cries over the time limit, the only mission I didn't do I can think of off the top of my is the tiger trainer... and that wasn't even scripted. I was able to fit nearly all missions in one playthrough, hard but fun.

Oh man, Hacker. Loved that game. My buddy and I played the hell out of it. We never did quite make it away safely. I remember fleeing down the tunnel to Australia as fast as possible trying to beat the clock and missing it by mere seconds. Good times.

I might have to check out dead rising 2 now. It was mostly off my radar... I'm all zombied up as far as that goes. If it really is that free-form though it might be worth putting some time into.

*goes to check the Hacker wiki page* Ohey! It is the one I thought it was! I played it a bit back in the day. Probably could play it now too if I really wanted - we still have our C64 kicking around somewhere. I <3 old computers. :D

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