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Odd that, didn't know that EA blogger had escapist pub club ad on his blog ;)

Oh Nintendo!
I also enjoyed ENN is watching you John Funk.

Not just ENN, we will also watch mr.Funk...always...*stares at John Funk*

of course we shall make Mr.Funk very uncomfortable.
*stares though his soul*

What's with this blouse,louse, x-ouse, business?

"ENN is watching you, John Funk" was pure gold <3

Also, yes, Kathleen is totally huggable xD

John Funk:
... hey.

Don't worry, Funk. It's because we all hate you with a searing passion. :3

You forgot EA Douse, the blogger who complains about the unspeakably bad plumbing.

John Funk:
... hey.

Hey yourself. :(

I liked the campus AI. That was... surreal.

Hilarious as always!

I almost peed laughing at EA Claus..


I had to look up what a grouse was to get that joke. Knowing made it that much more ridiculous.
I really enjoyed the edge joke.

$300 dollars? Damn you enthusiastic critics!

Looks like I'm going to have to dig a little deeper if I want a 3DS. Maybe I should get a job...

I went out earlier as it happens, to edge my hedge but my hedge is on the edge of a ledge, so i had to carefully edge toward the hedge on the edge of the ledge with a hand from my mate reg, who i helped grow some veg when he was in a wedge hence he gave me his pledge.

Sorry, couldn't help it.


Can't get it to work because the stupid border advertisement loads but not the video :/

Anyone else notice that the ea grouse is following Tommy Wiseau on twitter? If you've seen The Room, you'll get the joke. "I did not hit her. I did noooooot! O hi Mark!

LoL there were so many jokes in this that made me laugh :D I loved it! I have to say, I didn't know what the 3DS was gonna be priced and the fact that it's 300 bucks means it'll be some time before I want to own another DS. I have a lite and a DSi XL. I don't want to sell the lite because it plays gameboy advanced games...but I never play those anyway. So who knows.

Of course you can edge an edge; how else would it become an edge?

Does anyone have a link to the blog sites they mentioned? I couldn't find EA House's thing anywhere.

Does anyone have a link to the blog sites they mentioned? I couldn't find EA House's thing anywhere.

Here they all are.

EA Blouse:
EA Grouse:
EA House:

Well that's hardly fair. Wasn't it Mobsters 2 that was in bed with Assassin's Creed around the release date? Someone's going to be sad tonight.

According to House, Grouse was assassinated for speaking out. Moment of silence.


A fine option. I think the official link was for the one at Kongregate.

It does have some pretty nice music, and multiple endings.

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