Trailers: Diablo 3: Demon Hunter

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I think this is the first time I've seen a Blizzard trailer that wasn't a bunch of pre-rendered CGI that shows nothing you actually see in a game. Kudos for finally bridging the gap between being flashy and actually showing some game play footage.

The past character videos/trailers did this, too. While Demon Hunters is really impressive, the Wizards is still my favorite. ;D

I like how they have her get crossbows from nowhere (and indeed put them back) just like in the game.

Lady Sylvannas, is that you?

*kneels down

I am disappoint. Class reminds me too much of a ye'old connotation of the matrix. Was expecting some wicked melee weapons to go along with all that heavy looking armor, but I got magic-reload crossbows. Definitely not the first class I want to roll.

What was with that age verification thing? You guys HAVE my age listed in my profile! Why is being logged in not enough?

Dual wield crossbows... how do you reload?

I prefer to blame Activision for everything.

And what's a demon hunter without a Warhammer... er, I mean war hammer?

Well, seems like typical Japanese action anime Devil May Cry style cutscenes, I really cracked up when she said "Prey, or hunter?", but I still will love returning to my Diablo days.

This was really just... cheesy and stupid. Am I supposed to be taking this seriously? It's like it was trying to hard. When she drew two crossbows it was just absolutely laughable that it delivers it with such deadpan seriousness as if expecting I'm going to find it "awesome" and "epic" or any other words a 13 year old watching an exploitation type anime might use.

Well, I think I know which class I'm playing.

So like the amazon and assassin crossed, then put into the body of Sylvanas?

That's what I thought too!

Sylvanas much?

Dear Gods what the hell happened to the gothic look of diablo. This is Warcraft damn it.

Hrmph. Diablo goes from terrible writing and acting*, to hittings its stride in Diablo 2 and its expansion, right back down again. No sway, Blizzad, no sway.

*"I SENSE A SOUL IN SEARCH OF ANSWERS." Gets me every time.

Special skills probably use MP, so those crossbows of hers fuction like wizards staffs or wands.
A whole lot of wands put togehter to a weapon.

yes it looked awesome,
but the was 90% pre-rendered video so yeah, it's gonna look good, since blizzard, if nothing else kicks ass at cut scenes.

if nothing else it'll gimme a class to play should i wanna get involved, i have Vindictus and it is likely to kill any interest in diablo 3 as of next log in :p

No Panda-Batleth?

Wow, that looked pretty cool. Now I'm seriously starting to look forwad to this game next year, along with Guild Wars 2.

diablo 3 coming out next year? you're funny

I really am looking forward to play D3, but to be honest, after 5 hours straight of playing fallout 3, this looks boring :D.

Blizzard haves this silly thing to make heroes waaaay to "hero-ish". "neow, as long as i'm here, bla gla"'s silly sometimes.
Bottom line, nice class (revamped assassin, in an awsome way) but childish, boring as hell trailer.

Is she wearing fucking plate high heels?
I know this is a fantasy game, but come on. This almost as bad as chainmail bikinis.

also,this ^^. this trailer looks like a really bad, low budget vampire-hunting movie. It can not compare with most of warcraft's trailers. Like when Grom Hellscream dies for example.

i disagree with about everything you said but as far as it looking boring, i know what you mean. im not saying this game looks boring in the least (and you cant really compare a first person shooter to a top down action rpg), but i remember after demon's souls i was looking at my collection of unplayed games, and comparatively, they all just seemed tame and boring and i had a hard time motivating myself to play any of i didnt, and just replayed demon's souls

I might play it.

Am I the only one who's reminded of Kasumi from Mass Effect 2?

I foresee this character making allusions about "Reapers", complete with air quotes.

Lady Sylvannas, is that you?

*kneels down

That was my first impression also.

She seems to be a class that work better when playing with more players, since she don't seem to be good at melee combat.

Am I the only one who's reminded of Kasumi from Mass Effect 2?

Definitely not.

On topic: Looks quite badass. I hope the male Demon Hunter retains this lady's badassery and potent mix of sexy and cool.

I don't care how cheesy and cartoonish that looked. I'm buying Diablo 3 when it comes out, because I want more Diablo.

I'm also wondering why people are getting stuck on little things like "how does she reload" and "where did those crossbows come from", when a single arrow is clearly shown splitting into half a dozen identical arrows upon firing. It's magic, so get over it. The game play looked pretty good, although I was wondering why all the enemies who got close up to the character simply stood around waiting to be shot. I want to see some attack animation from both sides!

I wonder how much screaming the designers had to go through before they settled on repeating crossbows and not straight-up pistols. I can just imagine some sort of bullshit-powered semi-automatic flintlock. What would be more awesome and slightly less cliched would be to just give her a gigantic battleaxe. Or, I don't know, blades attached to her arms or something. John Woo doesn't need to be invading my dark fantasy, thank you very much.

On topic: Looks quite badass. I hope the male Demon Hunter retains this lady's badassery and potent mix of sexy and cool.

I hope the male Demon Hunter retains this lady's high heels...

In all seriousness, who cares about the writing quality of the trailer? More to the point, who cares about the quality of writing in Diablo, in general? Have you played another Diablo game? All of them have extremely cheesy, cliché dialog. D2 was slightly better than D1, but I wasn't expecting improvement in D3.

Also, it's a trailer, so it could be that their theatrical narrative is far worse than their in-game dialog. It'd be nice for the words to your game to be written in a believable manner, but I don't think it every really detracted from the other two games.

Once you get through the game, do you even listen/read anymore? I doubt it, you just bust through the hordes and continue kicking ass.

Dear Gods what the hell happened to the gothic look of diablo. This is Warcraft damn it.

I don't think it's that bad. ;)

Finally, my hope is that the music is on par with the other games, especially D1. The thing that always immersed me was the music and its matching the rounds.

Back to the topic, this looks like a decent character, but I was never a huge fan of the assassin, but amazon was all right. I was always more of a run-away-from-the-fight necro, sorceress, or druid.

Well as long as they don't pull another fast one like they did with SC 2 campaigns, can you imagine they split it up into full priced 5 games, each coming with it's own class :D

...actually I'm hoping Activision guys aren't reading this

I wanna play this... so badly :D
Great Trailer, Blizzard knows how to entertain the crowd :)

This is so bad.

Stop with these silly in-game trailers, Blizzard, and buy some better fucking writers.

Emergent System:

Looks like a fun replacement for assassins. Still, Blizzard's writing has been making me shudder as of late.

It's like they were trying to condense as much stupidity as possible into the character. "I stand alone! I will never stop killing! There is always a choice!"

And then she pulls out her two one-handed crossbows and starts firing them like uzis.

This. What the fuck.

And thus they definately ditched the class I was hoping they'd actually fix. This trailer is the nail in the coffin for a spearwielder. Yay, Thus I get to look through the skill-lists and try to get the game to do something it wasn't meant to do again. This oddly makes me both happy and sad at the same time.

Come on, why isn't there a viable polearm in any of these fantasy games?

Sure, I'm going to buy D3, but this class is going down on the bottom of my to play list. I was never interested in the bow amazon or the trap assassin. Seeing them combined makes the choice for first character 1 pick easier. Probably Monk as I don't think they're going to put a Bard in there ^_^

Sylvanas? I'm just seeing a woman from the school of generic hot chicks. You're mistaking high cheekbones for an entire character.

Some kind of head-exploding-rope.
I'm so pre-ordering it now.

Oh my...

My brother's going to freak out

Looks awesome. Still think mage/monk look better, but still.

I'm not impressed.
The first video they published of the Barbarians and Witch Hunter gameplay filled me with doubt, but I thought 'Oh well, we'll see what they do next'.
They added the Wizard, which was ok even if waaaay over the top.
They added the Monk at which point I grabbed my head in despair and asked aloud "What the hell are they doing to this game?"
And then this... See, when Maiev from Warcraft 3 had the Fan of Knives ability, it was cool because you could actually count the knives and it did look as if she was throwing them. Here, a friggin CIRCLE of knives appears immediately and for as long as the ability is being used...
I don't mind the grenades, though the Uzi Crossbow is very silly. I never liked the fact you needed Quivers in Diablo 2, but Diablo 1 did archery very well - equal parts realism and fantasy, which made for a gritty game.
Diablo 3 looks very grim (and I don't mean the graphics and atmosphere). Sure, I'll play it, but I keep asking myself why they are doing this to the franchise...

Oh noes... thay did not make it like a simulation... her crossbows shoot like uzis without reloading... This is so stupid because it don't work like that in real life!!! ZOMGWTFBBQ

Haters gonna hate is all I can say.

Since when did demons and monsters roam your town? Who cares if the characters wear armored high heels?
It all looks damn cool and that is the point. Too bad if you don't like it. There will probably be some other game that suits you better then.

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