Review: Fable 3

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Review: Fable 3

It's time for a revolution in Fable's Albion. Chicken kicking optional.

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WOW, way to post a review at the closing bell...

Or is this the lifting of the press blackout? It's 12 am where you guys are isn't it?

Anyway, I may pick this up as it seem to be the first Fable (for me anyway) that looks worth playing.

Dark and mature = over-blown and ridiculous, doesn't it?

Great always technical issues that drag the score down. I'll buy it anyways.

Goddammit why can't this come out for PS3?!?! Or I win the lottery so I can buy a 360 and/or a better computer.....actually I'd prefer that one, I need money.

When I have money, I'm definitely getting this, I loved Fable 2!

sounds cool. It will be mine.

Well if bugs are your only concern, then I'm really looking forward to this game when it comes out for PC. Hooray for near-constant patches!

It sounds like fun. Too bad I can't play it because the dipshit developers are withholding the PC version most likely for shits and giggles. At the very least with how long it's delayed the PC version better have virtually no glithes or else I will personally deliver a savage beating to everyone associated with the game.

Did Fable 2 ever come out for the PC? I enjoyed Fable: TLC, but was never able to find Fable 2. I see Fable 3 is up for pre-order on Amazon, so hopefully we'll see it eventually.

Interesting review to be sure.

How bad are the bugs compared to Fallout New Vegas? I just find it crazy how these big mainstream titles have bugs and are for consoles. Bugs are more annoying on the 360 than other systems as well because you never know when it could be a hint of something like the RROD... Seriously, Fallout New Vegas froze on me multiple times which I don't mind except for the fact I'm always afraid maybe it may be something wrong with the console...

Since I bought F:NV going to be playing that for a while. Hopefully by the time I rent or buy Fable 3 (for probably 20 or 30 bucks), most of the bugs would be patched.

Yeah, between this and Fallout: New Vegas we're seeing a disturbing trend in the Good Game to Bugs ratio.

Still, it's nice to know that the Fable series is getting better with each iteration.

Undead Dragon King:
Well if bugs are your only concern, then I'm rally looking forward to this game when it comes out for PC. Hooray for near-constant patches!

This. I was quite disappointed, yet thrilled with Fable: The Lost Chapters, and hope that this will kill my disappointments.

Sweet, (bugs not withstanding) it looks like a great game. My CE should come in the mail on Wednesday, YAY!

I WILL play this when it's released on PC. I really enjoyed the previous Fables and saying that this one is the best yet, it's an obvious must buy for me. I hope these issues doesn't rear their ugly heads in the PC port.

This is why Susan is my favorite reviewer. She's to the point and analytical, but can still be funny as hell when she wants.

Thinking I might rent this one. Just to see. The co-op is going to be a big thing for me, so I'm sad it wasn't online for the review. Ah well.

Looks decent. I might 'try' it for PC.

I just got done with a Fable 2 grind session, so I'm pretty well equipped to deal with any bugs that I find. The ones in Fable 2 were annoying, but not game breaking, and if Fable 3 is better, with the same bugs and hopefully not new ones, then I'm still glad I pre-ordered it.

I was going to pick this up Friday anyway but it's good to know I wasn't wrong about buying it, it looks brilliant. Thank you for the great review!

John Cleese is my butler, that's enough for me.

Hmm, I never really liked Fable,
I've played both of course, but it never really sucked me in, it was just good enough to finish the game, from a "why not" perspective,
However this one (partially based on this review) looks interesting enough to warrant a play (I was originally going to skip it), although only because my brother will be getting it, not worth 10 bucks for me atm

Well I'm certainly in no hurry after they hit me in the face with the boredom of Fable 2.

It seems more or less the old formula, except that odd gauntlet - spell thing, why can't they just stick with a formula that works...
And the houses, clothes and people relations... I couldn't care less, if I wanted to play the Sims then I would just do that, here's hoping these are not essential to the game progression.

Unless your name is what?

got this one on reserve and can't wait to pick it up, I love me some Fable

Fable 2 was pretty addictive. May borrow this one just to continue the adventure.

I have been waiting for that one game that's worth buying a 360 for. I have passed up several that I want to play and a few that I really want to play, but I *must* play Fable 3.

Unless your name is what?


I really wish this would come out for the PS3.

I'm considering getting this just because it has so many awesome voice actors in it.

John Clease, Simon Pegg, Ben Kingsly and Stephen Fry?

I might faint ^-^

Is it just me or does it look like they brought back the mana-less spell casting...? God, I hated that system before, I don't think my opinion will change... Though spell weaving looks pretty dang cool

Really loved the hitchhikers guide reference with the gauntlets haha

yeah, looking forward to the game, though im flat broke from new vegas ]:

I've always wanted to play the Fable series. *Dam my rampant Sony fanboyism*
Someone enjoy it for me please.

Nice hitchhikers reference by the by!

Really, they decided to bring back Fable 1's "Giant area of destruction" spell that you ca upgrade until you don't need anything else in the game.

I'm waiting it patiently to pc.

By the way, any owner can tell me if you can still bulk your hero?

Or how morphing your weapon works?

Anyone know if decisions from Fable 2 effect Fable 3? It's just that I lost some of my save data and I can't be arsed to play through Fable 2 again.

Is this coming out on Pc? Will i get this game?

The answers are the same for both questions... sadly.

EDIT: after doing some reaserch I have found out that it is, just microsoft have no realse date for it.

Would love for this to come out on PC. Some of us liked the Fable 1 port.

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