Shamus Plays WoW #1: It's An Imp's Life

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Shamus Plays WoW #1: It's An Imp's Life

Kobolds aren't the only thing swarming in Northshire Abbey - it's also infested with lazy, overpaid guards.

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"So ... arson?"

Sometimes I wish this was an option in WoW


Oh, right. The Skin of Tolerance. Okay...think human, think it.


Holy crap, it's like he summoned Gary from Unforgotten Realms!

I'm going to love this one especially. Are you going to continue running the imp even as you unlock the new demons or have them be manifestations of the same one?


I await more of his adventures.

Haha. Delicious. xD I'd take the Arson gladly, although my WArlock isn't as whimpy as Dethbringerr over here, although sometimes it's hard to make a name that isn't taken...

Anyone else feeling Rincewind from Faust Eric?
Useless young man summoning a cynical demon?

lol gotta love it when the return quest is to do the exact same thing as the previous quest XD

can't wait to see him fight other demons :P

Sorry Shamus, i'm a fan of your works and all but this one needs more funny.

A bucket of funny should suffice. Or 4 liters and a half, if you want the specifics.

An entertaining read. Good work.

Heh, looks like a creative way to narrate this one. Nice touch.

This should be good, looking forward to the next issues.
Also, Warlocks have a Union? Finally a reason to slack in raids!

Aww that's so cute. Love the imps perspective.

Can't wait until he gets to the Hemet Nessingwary quests.

This is a great way of narrating Warcraft. Well done, and fun to read. Yay! More please!

I like the Imp perspective. very good writing Shamus

Shamus Young:
"This was not in my contract!"

...Damn you!

I hate the imp in WoW. It's voice is so grating.

"This was not in my contract!"

After two years as a destruction Warlock those words are engraved on my brain.

"...or does that mustache go all the way to the center?"

And that's where I hit the floor, laughing.

I suspect I'm going to like this more than originally anticipated.

I really very desperately want Shamus to write a fantasy-satire novel JUST. LIKE. THIS. ARTICLE. Terry Pratchett's got Alzheimer's, man. You've got to step up one day.

I'm not usually into your MMO stuff, but this one was actually pretty funny. Good job.

"Like last week I was skiing down a mountain made of the twisted corpses of history's liars and then doing backflips into a ball pit of skulls of the stillborn. While on fire."

I lol'd :D

So the elf starting area quests go something like "You must bring the magical essence of the three lunar oracles to remove the corruption at the heart of the world tree. The fate of the night elf people hangs in the balance!"

The human starting quests go something like "I lost my pig, help me find it."

And the dwarf quests revolve around delivering beer.

This is great stuff! Looking forward to the next one. Too bad I've never really played WoW, seems that i don't really get all the jokes...

You know it's hard out here for an imp.

You're missing out Shamous, somebody took the sinew swings and over-sized them. Did I forget to mention they're also on fire now too?

If it's on Fire, it's always better!

I´m looking forward too the next one, with this i can experience WoW without getting addicted.

I hope you'll do more of these short wow sidekick stories. It really seems that being and imp isn't that cool.

Really liked this :)

Looking forward to more from the disgruntled imp!

Nice hook! A bit exposition-heavy, but that's to be expected for the first episode.

Holy crap, it's like he summoned Gary from Unforgotten Realms!

..I was thinking the exact same thing while reading this.

And the dwarf quests revolve around delivering beer.

And the problem with that is...?

Today's best line is "That's a perversion!" It's even better if you imagine the little imp pointing at him with a horrified look on his face.

However, it seems pretty obvious how this story will end, and I hope you put effort into subverting the cliche, Shamus.

Brilliant start, Shamus. I'm really looking forward to this series, as I immensely enjoyed your previous Let's Plays. And using the imp's POV was a nice touch. Why, though, in the text is the warlock's name spelled "Deathbringer-er", but in the screenshots (and on his card) it's spelled "Dethbringerr"? I mean, I can see spelling it "Deathbringer-er" ONCE to show how it's pronounced, but the continued mis-spelling is just irritating. You don't introduce a character by spelling their name wrong. You introduce them by spelling it right, and then, if needed, spell it phonetically.

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