Bumhug Parade #13

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very good, even a little b'awwww :'(

That was truly beautiful. Well done. *tears up*

And with that, Bumhug Parade is done!
Thanks for all the kind words, guys. If you want to see more stuff by me, check out my website olalys.com, there is a lot of drawings there, but not that many comics yet. I'll try to translate some of the stuff I got lying around one of these days.
It's been a good run.

-Ola Lysgaard

Awww. *sighs*

I've been following your work since this years comic contest and I'm sad to see it go.

Well... thank you.

Woah wtf, I kept waiting to get a laugh from the punchline, and then it ended like that, bawww. :(


Not really "funny", but an astounding fairy tale.

The image expresses my feelings exactly

What a beautiful comic, it has touched me

Not funny, but very good. "Emotionally stirring" is a phrase that comes to mind.

Also, Bach wrote a canon for 2 violins where the first violin plays the one melody, and the second part, played at the same time, is the first violin's part backwards.

Lesson to be learned: Don't be so quick to dismiss the idea of little miracles. They happen every day; all you have to do is look for them.

Amazing comic, this. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who felt a little sad at the end. I didn't always "get" Bumhug Parade, but I'm still sorry to see it end. So long, and thanks for all the fish funny.

Awesome, because I truly am left in awe.

that was sad, it made me sad, i don't like it.

getting over my sadness.

it was a brilliant comic, i thought the last part was a little over the top, cut out the last two boxes and it would have been a little better in my opinion.

by the way, i am truly amazed by the progress you have made in only 13 strips, i really didn't care for the first couple of strips, but the last few have been awesome.

Holy shit.
I did not saw this coming.

You really went out on a high note. This was excellent.


Every other week your work has been nothing but a delight to see. Your style is unique, fun and most importantly, completely your own. Your beautiful artwork coupled with your great sense of humor is brilliant and enjoyable. I have looked through your website a number of times and I must say that your work as a whole is incredible. I'm so impressed by your experimentation and curiosity. That is so important as an artist.

I cannot think of a better way of you to leave the Sunday funnies. This comic is a perfect example of who you are as an artist. Work like this also gives me hope for the world of artists in general. You're a visionary which is something I feel a lot of people have forgotten about this day in age. Too many "artists" are too busy making art for the sake of making art as oppose to just making art as a result of being engaged with the world. While you have the sense of humor to make quick little poop jokes, you also have the capacity for work with deep thought that can leave your viewers in awe. As an artist myself (student at the time) I can't tell you how much I appreciate the rare moments like this. I'm actually quite jealous of your ability to communicate so clearly though your work. I hope that one day I'll be lucky enough to be able to do the same even half as well.

I've always felt that if you want to make something great you have to make it your own. Your comic has been a perfect example of this for the past 6 months. Especially since I feel that mine has been turning into another random comic that could easily be thrown into the pile of Penny Arcade and CAD.
I'm sad to see you go, but I'm glad that you decided to do it this way.
I wish you the best of success for your work in the future. I'm sure you're going to do great things.


For once I give this comic props. That was one of the most touching web comic's I've had the pleasure of reading. Very well done!

Someone's been reading A Lesson Is Learned...

I kid, but I've always felt like Bumhug has had a lot of influences in comics I have enjoyed, and this one felt a lot like part of one of their comics. Very sentimental but in a sort of bizarre way... Anyways, it's great! This is my favorite of these extra comics, I'm glad The Escapist didn't go with just one.

Edit: Wow, I didn't realize that the Sunday funnies were ending! I just read the comics and had to post a comment, but then I noticed someone said it was the last one and then I read your little message on the main post... Dang, it's a shame, but now that I have your site bookmarked I'll be checking it out for more stuff! Thanks for the good times!

Wow, that was a lot deeper than I was expecting. Kinda took me by surprise there. And it makes the fact that it was your last comic here at the Escapist all the more a shame in my eyes. I'll check out your site though, you've really piqued my interest.

Dang it, I liked this one. Oh well, at least it went out on a good note.

Never thought that a comic, let alone an internet comic, could be so touching. Bravo!

Huh. Unexpected. That was very nice.

That wasn't at all funny.
But it was amazing.
What an ending. Bravo.

That was nice. It reminds me a lot of the style of Juan Santapau's Secret Knots.

Not exactly a Sunday "funny", but an excellent comic nonetheless! Very touching!

Brought a tear to my eye...

I'm not crying, my eyeballs are sweating OK?

^ What this guy (one assumes) said.

I... uh... wow. Hell of a series finale. That was a surprisingly great comic!

That's a winner.

Beauty is as far away as a smile.
When's the last time you stopped to smell the roses?

I spent that entire strip waiting for it to turn back into Bumhug Parade, but it worked out well anyway.

Thanks for doing these, and good luck with whatever else you do :)

Now I has a sad :(

5 stars.

Well done.

That was excellent. This was and remains my favourite comic on the Escapist, and unlike others that I shall not name I'm sad to see it go. I'll definitively be following your website. Good luck.

This... this is... just...

Hold on a second, let me catch my breath.

Ok. Bumhug Parade has been steadily growing into my favorite Sunday Funny (it had a headstart, of course). I just love the chaos of it all, the way no two strips are even remotely alike, the completely different art styles, the surreal silliness of most of the stories... And then, out of the blue, comes this swan song, this poetic goodbye, so different in tone from the rest of the series and yet so alike in the experimental feel it has all over.

I can only thank you, Ola. I'm gonna miss your comic, especially now that I've seen how broad its universe really is.

Beautiful way to go out. Rock on <3

Yea I am pretty sure he was trying to parody a touching story. I think this was supposed to be funny...i don't know.

Very well done. Loved it.

That was touching, one of the most brilliant things I've ever read.

::Picks jaw up off the floor.:: DANG! That was amazing.

Good job, I was waiting for a punchline until about half way down.

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