The Escapist Radio Theater #13

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This makes me sad.

Nooooooo I love this comic. I'm sad now.

Now I feel bad for thinking, before clicking the link, 'I think I'll stop reading this one. It's not that good. Hm, tell you what, I'll give it one last chance, if this episode isn't good, I won't read it ever again.'

Looks like my decision was made for me.

Over already? I've always loved the artwork on this... gonna miss it

Remy Cambridge:
The Escapist Radio Theater #13

The time has come...

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you guys are really shutting down? That's too bad, I was just thinking about how you guys are my favorite comic on the escapist. Don't leave us with "paused" and "bumhug parade"! T T *sob*

That's not very nice Ahlycks, considering that Bumhug is going too and their goodbye comic was, quite frankly (and I take nothing from this one it was good too), much better.

Anyways is this it for Sunday funnies in general? Because Bumhug is going too...

Unless they're doing it like an actual newspaper and replacing the leaving ones with new ones I don't see how they can continue with just two comics.

:( I am sad.

Well, the Sunday Funnies are pointless now... *Sigh*

Anyways, good luck to you, you really have some skill. Hate to see it go...

You will be forever remembered, farewell.
Always loved your art and work, and I shall follow you to hell and back when I can.


I fucking loved this comic...

Goodbye. I will miss you.




It's a shame then.



Loved your comic Remy, thanks.

I will miss this comic. =[

Tis a shame really, i was enjoying that.

Seems so long ago now...

Man, I remember this, I LOVED this, why'd it have to stop? D:

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