The Escapist Film Festival 2010: The Equation

The Equation

A burnt-out detective decides to call it quits...until a gruesome murder begs to be solved.

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You could use some better equipment, not sure what microphones your using but the audio isn't especially clear, try a lapel or boom mic if you can.

Concept wise it's an interesting break from the regular escapist content, but you will need to work on your timing and reactions a little to fit the serious genre, for instance the opening chase happened too quickly and the character reactions to events were not noticeable enough to empathise with the personalities.

But still, a new concept for the escapist and with a larger time window it could be intriguing.

Good on you for making this and all, but honestly, I can get my gritty cop drama on prime-time TV. My family's really into it, so I'm really sick of it. This is nothing especially new or interesting.
The film quality threw me off - over exposed, I think, and you're going to need better audio equipment - it was almost impossible to make out what the characters were saying over the wind in the first scene.
Also, work on your acting. The girl cop is in desperate need for some character development, because right now she comes across as a push-over who takes second seat to her partner. The guy cop is better, but too angsty and angry to be relatable.

The interview scene made me laugh - "Just take a look at these photos, in a dark room with poor lighting conditions." But from an artistic standpoint, I enjoyed it simply for the lighting, and the way it played off the girl cop and the criminal's faces. =3

Omni-directional mics -- not a good thing. All they pick up is room echo. You're gonna need directionals. Also, invest in a windscreen for outdoor work. The Rode Deadcat is supposed to be pretty good.

The "gritty crime drama" thing has promise, provided you have a "hook." Maybe it's just me, but I wasn't seeing the hook. (Or, more likely, I've never played the game you're hooking in to.)

Oh. And your partner should not wear heels when chasing bad guys.

I liked the cinematography. The director and DP have some nice skill. I'm not so concerned about the audio\video equipment shortcomings, as any contest winner will get a budget to solve that. Only thing I didn't like was the female lead's acting. Still, this shows promise. :)

Thanks for all the feedback! We really appreciate it. We definitely know about the mic issues, when we can afford some directional mics we will invest in them. Our budget was pretty much non-existent. The dolly we made ourselves, as well as the steady-cam rig. We're honing our craft and working our way through. :)


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