The Escapist Film Festival 2010: Blue Sky - Promo

Blue Sky - Promo

Somewhere in Great Britain, a group of 4 people sets out to make the best game in the history of mankind.

Blue Sky is driven by our own experiences of modding and making video games for the last 5 years.

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Really enjoyed this up until the lens-cap came off. I was expecting live action with sexy British guys (props for the voice actors for that, though. British accents rock). The poor animation was... kind of a letdown. If this were live-action, I think, personally, it'd do much better. However, the Escapist already has a "game designers working for a crappy studio trying to make an awesome game" series, so this seems a bit redundant.

Time for a little bit of insight into this lame project:

Let me start by thanking the Escapist staff for even approving this video on here. We were really doubtful that it'd pass the minimum quality standarts.

Basically, we're not happy at all with the way this turned out.

It was made in about 3 days. I'm really being serious here, we found out about this contest on the 26th and decided to put into practice a vision that we had about a comedy show that focuses on Game Development by setting the example of what you shouldn't do when designing a game. The goal was to have this studio making the crappiest game ever out of the worst decisions you could make when trying to create a game. We wanted to do it in the fashion of fake documentary shows like The Office yet keep a slight educational aspect to it as we're also young Game Designers. Anyway, this is pretty much how it went:

Day 1, we rushedly write a script. A full 5 minute script with alot more dialogue.
Day 2, we recorded the voices the best we could but the audio turned out a bit crap. Meanwhile I started work on what's probably the crappiest animation I've ever done because there's no time to go with something fancier, like CG for instance.
Day 3, we panic, run around in circles, decide to cut corners and release what we got (not even half of the actual animated part) and make a sort of promo video.

I'm not trying to win over people here with this post, I just felt bad about people seeing something like this without any kind of context. Sorry folks!

In any case, we had lots of fun and think this concept (if done properly and with time) is quite different from Game Dogs to warrant it's own show. As mad as it seems, we're considering starting over, changing animation style (really thinking about CG) and making a proper episode now that we're no longer trying to go for a contest deadline.

Thanks for the friendly and honest comment. Happily going to pass those compliments on to our voice actors.

Like MikeFrost posted, we're not really happy with the animations either. Hopefully using 3D models will turn out as good or even better than live action, especially since I'm afraid our voice actors are too shy to actually ever show their real faces. :)


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