The Escapist Film Festival 2010: The Midnight Channel: Joe Plays Diablo II

The Midnight Channel: Joe Plays Diablo II

Joe is forced to play Diablo II, a game that he's surprisingly never touched. Kyle and Tiffany lead him through his first journey into Blizzard's world.

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This feels like you took a web-series you're already working on, submitted the latest episode, and then expected us to care. I'm not sure why I should care about Joe not having played Diablo II, nor why I should watch him play it. I'm not even sure what this series is supposed to be - a series of games inflicted on Joe with Tiffany's commentary, or just you three doing... stuff?

: insert slowpoke picture here : Diablo 2... really? a bit late to the party aren't we?

Unskippable-oblique-MST3K over live gameplay rather than over cutscenes.


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