The Escapist Film Festival 2010: Nerd Wars!

Nerd Wars!

Two roommates engaged in seemingly separate online arguments realize they've been arguing with each other the entire time. Two man-children entrenched in the cultures of their preferred methods of entertainment do battle, a fight to the death to see whose opinion is superior.

Some call it a microcosm of wider nerd culture.

Those who've been there, in the real S***, they call it Nerd Wars!

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Now this was good. Not trying too hard, not making too many weak/overdone/'trendy' jokes, it's just 'funny'.

This has my vote. Here's hopes it makes it out of the opening week.

Hey, thanks for the vote and I'm glad that you enjoyed it.

I was thinking to myself, "Weak, weak, weak..."

Then the Bard appeared. And suddenly it was awesome. Nice work, people.

I think I once lived in an apartment with that exact same layout...

I definitely LOL'd at the part when the girlfriend / roommate walked in.

Where do you see the series going from here?

Paul Hearding:
I definitely LOL'd at the part when the girlfriend / roommate walked in.

Where do you see the series going from here?

This very much.

I'm not sure if I can keep up a vested interest in this series, especially if it's just a bunch of "who's nerdier" fights between a pair of teenage boys who are both... kinda jerks.
When I saw the Halo HUD come up, I rolled my eyes. Halo is over-done and frankly, I'm sick of it. That's pretty much just me, though, so don't worry too much.

Still, loved the "I'm not a Wizard, I'm a Bard! 8D" I love Bards. They're totally effective in combat. Really. Why won't my party believe me? ;-;

Well, I think we flubbed up in properly illustrating where we wanted the series to go. Mainly because of the time limit, we cut stuff out in the writing process, and we also cut stuff in the editing process. Still we should have illustrated the concept more clearer.

The series would continue on as roommates who realize they are on the opposing sides of "nerd" issues. A potential episode would be one roomate loves a certain popular game, representing the majority, and the other would not like it representing the minority. Through the epic fight that would follow they would discuss through jabs and their actions the actual points of their disagreement. This last point is what we did not properly show in this pilot.
To be perfectly honest, we made a mistake, with the time limit cramping down, we thought the jokes and fight moves would be more interesting to show initially then the points of arguments. A tragic mistake as it makes you think this is would just be a show about to dorks flayling at each other, hiding the substance that the whole show would be based on.

That and the beginning dragged.

I would love a second shot, while still being proud of what we created we realize what's wrong with this episode. Perhaps will have to wait till next year.

I hope you guys get an opportunity to try more, because this thing seriously has, IMHO, a lot of potential. Mixing the 'jokes' with the 'left versus right' or 'up versus down' idea of debating is a great idea.

And I honestly think that resorting to the fakey/cliched kind of graphics works. Having each debate 'devolve' and boil down to a 'fight' or 'flame war' is really funny. That each argument can start off normal and calm and controlled, only to become a case of two idiots unable to agree on a topic, just 'works'. If I had to properly relate your guys video, it's got a similar sense of humor akin to that of the retired Destructoid weekly topic, Fanboy Friday, wherein a writer on that site took a weekly satirical reflection upon the debates going on over on youtube of idiotic fanboys arguing.

Nerd Wars may need to be changed to a different name, if only to avoid being lumped in with other BS out there on the internet. Ryan and... whoever the other dude was in the video, please do 'not' give up. Even if you don't get a second chance at a video or something, you've 'got' to keep working on this idea. It's NEVER been done well...

But your video is proof positive it CAN be done well. You guys have a sense of sarcasm and satire, you just need to refine it/keep working on it. As someone who watches 'little' on here outside of the LoadingReadyRun videos, you are a breath of fresh air amidst nerd comedy that is 'trying too hard'.

Here's hopes you can make it past week one.

I think this could be hard to follow up on but it's probably the best i've seen and i want to know where it'll go from here
good luck

Good job guys, well worth the watch.

Amazing video. I'm think I'm going to give this series my vote when the voting becomes available.

Hey everyone, Ryan and I already have Ideas brewing to continue the series. Thank you for your feedback and support.

this was great DW about the halo basher


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