The Escapist Film Festival 2010: The Kindly Word: Out of the Dark

The Kindly Word: Out of the Dark

David Weber's newest novel "Out of the Dark" seems to be your standard, realistic, science fiction story. Then Weber tries to be "cool" and "hip" by latching onto the newest fiction sensation.

The Kindly Word is not your average book review. Hostess Paige Turner (pun intended) thinks that all books deserve at least one Kindly Word. Even if said Kindly Word is something along the lines of, "you can easily read the words on the pages." Criticism and not a small bit of rage are par for the course as Paige reveals the major flaws of any book she reads.

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I was thinking not long ago that the escapist needs a book reviewing section. Maybe it would have been better to set up the type of review if you had done a better known book, maybe one that has been out for a while.
Possibly cut down on the angry/crazy, it might put a few people off.
Good luck!

Hah! A book review, that's awesome! The Escapist could use one of those. =D
ConnorCool makes some good points - you're trying too hard to be a weird mix of Yahtzee and MovieBob. The Escapist already has those. Cut down on the spoilers, it's just bad form. I did laugh at the over-the-top acting, though, you had me giggling pretty hard.
The only problem with this is that you'll be having to read a book a week, which might be difficult. So... good luck with that.

book reviws = :)


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