The Escapist Film Festival 2010: The Wastelands

The Wastelands

A garrison of Imperial Stormtroopers stationed on a barren rock in the middle of nowhere deal with the daily humdrum of living on an empty rock floating through space.

But between a partially psychotic base commander, a full compliment of daydreamers and the weirdest things wandering in from the wastes on a daily basis,
this year long tour of duty is going to be anything but quiet.

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Kinda seemed like when Red Vs Blue started... but... I like it.
This has potential. And by being the first entry I've actually watched for this year (And the first vid in quite a while), I think this will be my favourite...

Now that has some real potential! As a lover of all things Star Wars I approve!

That was quite good :D

Reminds me of a machinima me and a friend were planning for Halo... we never went through with it though... maybe I should next year.

Anyway was very good!

The awkward silences were awkward. I know they were ment to be, but I don't like akward silences. They're...awkward...


On the plus side, I love the idea. Back-to-roots Red vs Blue kinda feel atm

Hate to be paraphrasing other comments but Red vs Stormtroopers is all I can think of after that.

It is nice to see some Machinima again though, what did you make it in?

I enjoyed it! Be nice if it were a faster pace

What was that song at the end?

It bothers me to no end!

Heh, nice job, needs work but that's a damn good start.

And Insert, the song is Orinoco Flow by Enya

Awesome!! I know it's a lot like Red Vs Blue, but RvB is hella popular, so maybe it's not a bad thing?

Besides.... I laughed so much xD It's got my vote.

(Also the guy who did the voice for the pilot, I loved him! :D "Why won't this hatch open!!?!?" xD)

Enough rambling >.> Good luck guys!

very very similar to RvB in both style and humor im undecided as of now.

Eh. I've seen better so far. It looks like it has potential but I think it was a bit too drawn-out. I did enjoy the pilot character quite a bit.
Good luck to you, and if you do well, fantastic, but I won't be voting for this one.

too much like rvb, but could have lots of potential. however STAY AWAY FROM USED JOKES! the more original you are the more people will like it.

too much like rvb, but could have lots of potential. however STAY AWAY FROM USED JOKES! the more original you are the more people will like it.

I couldn't agree more. Alot of potential if you keep it fresh! I hope you will. I would like to see alot more of this show to be honest.

It does feel like a certain FPS machinima but I think that's a good thing. Particularly if you guys keep this up. Just one one thing: I want this but more of this and I think I know how to make that happen...*click*

And yea don't recycle jokes beyond the running gag and don't rip off RvB's jokes.

I really like this. I wish there was a better game engine you could use for this than SWG but, it seems, not enough quality Star Wars games with the playable role (or appearance) of Stormtroopers in them have been made. Ever. (Excepting Republic Commando, which was alright)

I really want to be able to play as a Stormtrooper.

This has been my favorite so far to be honest. Good work!

A video with Star Wars: Galaxies... I LOVE YOU GUYS!

Sad thing is; if Lucas saw this, it'd be off the net in a second.

it looks like a crappy version of red vs blue

"o no he got it back"lol enya rules

work on your timing, and this could be great. ;)


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