The Escapist Film Festival 2010: Play Till You Die: Modern Warfare 2

Play Till You Die: Modern Warfare 2

This is a play till you die of call of duty modern warfare 2 by AeonGamers.

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So its a jazzed up lets play??

i guess so, i find i don't have much time for let's plays, so its Play till you die, and i got a few more on my youtube if you want to see more, from Sailor Moon (SNES) to Oblivion on PC.

While it's not a bad glorified let's play, I don't think it's exactly what is needed on the escapist. My best wishes to the series though.

When I watched this video, I could not stop thinking that this entry was filed in at the wrong website. A Video Game Play Through with commentary at The Escapist? Seriously? This belongs on Game Trailers.

Personally, I think you are wasting your time. You sure as hell wasted my bandwidth watching it.

Sorry, but no vote for you.
But at least your video is better than NintendoBo.

i know its same thing but when you kept saying rocket-propelled missile it was annoying me A RPG in weapon terms stands for rocket-propelled Grenade.

I don't mind having this kind of thing on Escapist. I rather enjoy watching walkthroughs with commentary on them and I'm sure it hasn't been done on Escapist before. Best of luck.

If this is going to get the slot it needs to be more than just commentary. It's too slow to watch for any length of time.

whats cool duty?


thanks for all your feed back and yeah i do need to make it better so i think i will fast foward abit and then slow it to the bits i want to talk about but thats just a idea

Why was this submitted? There's eight thousand other people that do the same thing on youtube. I kept thinking, since you seem like a nice, polite fellow throughout the video, that at the end you were going to die and go into a hilarious rage. That could have been entertaining.

I r disappoint.

Wow, what a waste of time watching that video was. Now, I watch a lot of bad videos, but this one really takes the biscuit.

First off, its called 'Call Of Duty', there are three words there. It's not called 'Cool Doodie'. I expect at least some kind of basic literacy from an online review. My infant child speaks better than you. Oh as above, if you are going to talk about weapons etc in a game based on them, get the names right, do 'some' research first.

Secondly, this is a video review / playthrough of the game? How the **** is it different / more original that ANY other of the hundreds of these on Youtube? You provide absolutely no intellectual content in your voiceover. You don't even know what mode / level you are playing, your critique of the game is appalling at best, the nearest you get to talking about the game critically is saying "na i liked World at War Better".

I despair. I'm not even going to write any more.

i'm so sorry if you can't understand me because i know i said call of duty, yeah its not my best video and i not hoping to win, i put it up for fun, to see what the people think but i didn't think people would take it to heart and rage, so i take it you have a hard time with accents confusingnoise, you tosser, i was not trying to bash MW2 and i knew what mode i was playing.

btw the RPG thing, i know i mess up on that, when i said it i was thinking "bugger" and so i ran with it, sorry if you guys feel you have wasted your time to watch and comment on this video, if your not going to be nice then don't comment, i don't want to hear you cry.


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