The Escapist Film Festival 2010: Trailer Master: Fable 3

Trailer Master: Fable 3

In the Trailer Master I comment on a trailer to an upcoming game release as both a gamer and a journalist and apply research and opinion to what the game, its development studio and publisher mean to the gaming community. All of which I deliver with my own brand of sarcastic, yet hopeful outlook.

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The MST treatment at the beginning needs more energy. While I did find this entertaining, I am worried that the slower times of the year are going to make for hard times since these videos would have to be made before the game is out, unlike US or ZP where they can use games that have come out a long time ago.

Its kinda like Unskippable spliced with a Extra Credits-esk cap-off.
The chicken dying and the Pirate bits were the funniest.

I'm sorry, but no.

It was mildly amusing, and you've certainly got talent.
But this is basically Unskippable.

Try to come up with something more original for next year, and you'll probably get in the top 5, at least.

I have to agree that this is basically unskippable, but you were really funny at times, and that counts for a lot! ANd you are the first person I've seen bring up the valid point about gaming pirates being able to pirate xbox games. But I also feel like I don't know what you're trying to do here, or you're trying to be two things at once. I think if you made more commentary on the trailer instead of just making fun of it ala unskippable, you'd stick out more.
But it was funny. Good luck!

gonna have to agree with he unsikpable comments i would have let it go if it was about 30 seconds or so not 1/2 the video.

poor mans unskippable...

Yahtzee already does this well in zero punctuation and he also gives a real review (though sometimes a somewhat biased or unfavourable one). This feels better suited to YouTube than a Film Festival. It felt lazy. No vote from me :(

not bad, needs to work on his delivery

I'm sorry, but no.

It was mildly amusing, and you've certainly got talent.
But this is basically Unskippable.

Try to come up with something more original for next year, and you'll probably get in the top 5, at least.

I agree. This is Unskippable! I really can't believe this made it to the final cut! We have a lot of original talent on other pages! If I had only known all we had to do was film a game trailer and voice our opinions over the top and they wouldn't consider it copyright theft. I could have done that instead of using original material!!! I'm pissed!

It would have been better without the 2 dialogs going on, and the bit at the end about PC gaming. Other than that I loved the chicken movie.

This would really not sit well with unskippable and your voice sounds very obnoxious on that bit. The stuff after the trailer was good, but that's not enough on it's own...

...still you could always have fairly good youtube series from this, just not a series on the escapist...

this is to much like unskippable for my tastes...and arn't graham and paul judges this year?...ya...

Like Unskippable but....

Nowhere near as good, the very first episode of Unskippable had me crying from laughter.

This felt like a Mimtendo Vii but in video form.


Yes, it's similer to unskippable and ExtraCredits.... but I like those videos.... why are people complaining it's similer to good things? It is differnt enough to have it'sown niche and the comments where only really asides and he didn't talk over anyone.

I enjoyed it - poor chicken =c - but, yeah, we already have Unskipable, and you don't really have enough time to do a lot of commentary at the end. I like the idea, but I don't think it'll really work. As a youtube series, though, this'd be really cool. =3

It was my video and I'll be the first to admit that I made one key mistake that stood out. Usually what I do, yes I've done it before and yes it's on youtube, is take a promotional trailer to an upcoming game that hasn't been released yet. I ended up using this bit from fable 3 because Lionhead did in fact use the opening cinematic of the game as promotional material. In hindsight I should have caught that this looked a lot like Unskipable but unfortunately that was a blind spot. It probably would have been stronger if I had time to use something that looked more like a trailer and less like a game cinematic, which this was both.

So why did I choose Fable 3 if it deviated from my normal format? Well a big part was it was short. I usually write scripts and have research for ten minute shows the five minute limitation changed everything for me. Also, this isn't the best reason but I already had research and a script for Fable 3 before I knew about the film festival. So when I read that it was coming up, on a whim, I slashed down my content, tried to make my most interesting point- to me at least- and submitted it.

Why isn't my production value the same as LoadingReadyRun's? First off Graham and Paul are well established and have a large fan base, which I am part of. I'm not. I have three jobs and have to worry about finishing my degree. All I have to work with is a laptop and a crappy microphone at two in the morning, on an empty stomach.

I had fun though. Thanks for watching it, even if you didn't like it. Thank you to the escapist for putting it up. Thank you to Graham and Paul specifically because I got to be compared to you, even if negatively.

My favorite comment was I had an obnoxious voice. I know. It's my favorite quality.

Oh! I forgot, this one was actually my favorite video that I've worked on in my own one man series.

That just sucked saw it be4 on Unskipable why rerun it.
Seems like The escapist has nothing more to offer then Zero Punctuation Jim Sterling and Movie Bob get your @ss in gear.
or don't bother like I do.

P.S. 3 out of 10 isn't bad these days but still, don't spam us with this [email protected]


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