The Escapist Film Festival 2010: Macinema


MACINEMA (mu-sin-a-ma) Is a show filmed using video game engines. In this installment, we witness the invasion of Carentan shortly after the normandy landings.

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It was ok, there were a couple parts that I liked like "tag your it", and I liked the battlefield heroes song at the end.

But besides that, I like the concept but I am just not feeling it.

quick question was it supposed to be named machinima (which is the name for movies made in games eg red vs blue) or is this some joke I'm not getting in the title, maybe I'm just dumb.

It's on purpose, we didnt want to call it "machinima theater" so we decided on the hybrid


While this was amusing at certain parts, there were too many racist jokes and the combat scenes just felt like I was watching my brother play Call of Derp. The "Don't die" joke made me laugh, but that's about it.

Sorry, I'll pass.

I don't think CoD really works well for this kind of thing, but hey all points to you for trying :)


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