The Escapist Film Festival 2010: Loading Complete: That Guy Wesker

Loading Complete: That Guy Wesker

Albert Wesker, from the Resident Evil series, has seemed to uncover one situation he was never suppose to find out about.

Loading Complete is a video game sketch comedy where nothing is safe from the wrath of parody!

All content produced by Cold Morning Productions

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This was pretty awesome, I'd really like to see more.

Really well done.

Damn, I think I might be Wesker.

Damn those QTEs, they always throw a curveball at you!

Question: Where does the series go from here? Is it parodies of different video game characters in situations we wouldn't expect?

Hehehe, quick time events. xD I laughed.

Well, you've got a vote from me. I see potential with this series.

We would continue to do parodies and video game humor. Lets face it. As great as video games are, there is a lot to make fun of.

Awesome job you guys. Wesker was hilarious and the speed effects kicked-ass!

loving it


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