The Escapist Film Festival 2010: Tales From The Table

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Tales From The Table

Tales From The Table follows the amazing adventures of Falcore, Thordin, Ceredwyn and Rufus as they face perilous monsters and partake in amazing quests.....All from their Dungeon Masters basement table.

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I actully very much enjoyed this one, this. The Escapist could use a plot driven, sorta video series.

Good luck eh!!

Good production quality and pretty good acting! I think the sound could have been better and the ending sequence could have been a little bit more driving/exciting. Otherwise it was pretty interesting.

...and this is my number one vote, I REALLY hope you win.

Everything's so classy this year and this video is a perfect example of it. Though you could argue that the ideas been done in a way before (Unforgotten Realms?) again, this is still original and already looks like a proper webshow worthy of the Escapist.

Good luck to you, I'll be voting.

Seriously awesome submission guys, reminds me a bit of Unforgotten Realms, but I could definitely see this panning out into a very awesome series of its own! You have my vote!

You have my vote!

and my axe!

The thing that sets this apart is the cuts to the game universe itself, something that a show like The Guild didn't have. I really want to see what each character is like when the spotlight shines on them. Looking forward to future episodes.

Dear Sir\Madam

Thank You for making this video.
It is one of the very very very few videos that I have hit the fast forward button.
I seriously hope you get some knods your way. Even better, I hope this series replaces the boring I'll Hit It With My AXE.

As someone has already mentioned, The audio was not 100% clear. I kept having to adjust the volume since at times it was either too high or almost too hear to hear the dialog.

A Solid entry! I have given you my Vote and my (stolen from I'll Hit It With My) Axe!


Very Unforgotten Realms like premise.
Looks like it could be fun.

Not bad. I have a few laughs. Hopefully it'll continue.

I really like the back and forth between the fantasy world and real world. There is a HUGE potential for some great back a forth banter. The characters are funny and the fantasy costumes put some cos-players to shame. You have my Vote as well, It would be good to more time spent on sound, but I am sure you guys rushed to get it submitted ;)

I really like this one!

Tower 87:
the fantasy costumes put some cos-players to shame.

i agree, the costumes were AMAZING! incredible detail and depth in the costumes really helps paint the personality of the characters.

I have just finished watching some of the other entries and apart from a few review based shows (which the escapist already does and does well) there was little on display to show the potential of the rest of the series. Watching back over Doomsday Arcade and some of the other winners they seemed to sample the ideas along with some actual substance to show they could pull it off. That is what I think Tales has done, more of a proof of concept with a tease of it true potential. After watching the others I am really gunning for you guys.

Very nice show. Really want to see it continued so I shall be voting as much as possible. Before now I hadn't thought there were any submissions to make the festival worthwhile but this changed my mind.

Yes, it's like "The Gamers" and "Unforgotten Realms" but I don't hold that against it as the characters have peaked my interest. WANT THIS.

I hope this wins

It's about time the Escapist gets another good D&D series to replace Unforgotten Realms.

(And no, I hit it with my axe does not count.)

I'll be voting for you whenever I can, good luck!

I just checked out "Unforgotten Realm" having never seen it before and I have to say there are some similarities, thematically at least. The major difference I see in "Tales From The Table" Is that there is a group dynamic coming from everyone who are all enthusiasts about D&D but in their own way. I think that provides both opportunities for exploring character in the real world and fantasy world. I also see potential to have people drop into the real world more often like the girlfriend did.

I like DnD and RPGs in general. It's nice to see a show on this site about it that I would watch.

Yes, it's like "The Gamers" and "Unforgotten Realms" but I don't hold that against it as the characters have peaked my interest. WANT THIS.

I lean towards that it is more like "The Gamers", which is awesome!


I really loved this, would definitely love to see more, here's hoping for a win.

This is awesome! Fantastic idea and really well shot. The characters have a great dynamic with each other also which is really important when creating a long running series. Gotta agree that the costumes are amazing, really adds polish to the overall production. Good luck guys, really hope this wins because I want to see more.

Hi Everyone

Thanks a lot for all of the kind words. I'm really excited and pumped that our pilot episode of "Tales From The Table" has made it too the First Cut category. I'm really happy to hear all of your feedback.

One thing I would like to address is the few comments with regards to sound. We had limited time in post to get the levels right where we would like them so thought that it might be enough to go with. In future we will of course be able to have more time to focus on this important aspect.

Thanks for all of your support and I hope you all get the chance to see were we are planning to take these characters.

If you have any questions about "Tales From The Table" or where we see the series going, don't hesitate to ask.

Oh and also @SonicDoctor

Thanks for your support.

I just can't believe that your 1000th post was about our video :P

This was awesome! So much effort :)

Out of all the films this one is by far the stand out, production values were really high, great SFX! Was a little hard to hear at times but that was a tiny flaw by comparison!

FTW all the way! I'm vote this one No.1 :)

BTW the t-shirt that the girl wears is awesome! Is the "Magical Adventures with Blake and Steve" a show?

Very impressive special effects and good acting. I enjoyed this, especially the accents (yes, I am a sucker for cool accents, shut up) and the fact that you actually cut to the game world when the DM is narrating. It honestly reminds me a lot of my own sessions.
This is definitely up in my favourites for winning, so good luck! =D

This has real depth, both in plot and in costumes. I could see this really go somewhere, just as long as it doesn't stray into easy territory with the characters...

DAMMIT, can't decide between this and 'escape the game'

Works kinda like the "the guild"

I would fell that the characters are a bit two clichéd (Plastic elf ears?) I think it may have potental and some bits were good but the characters tended to grate when they tried to be funny.

I love how the real world characters are like a silly/makeshift version of the fantasy world. It works really well and its nice to see so much effort to link the RL action to the fantasy sequence. I think the plastic elf ears were a great silly reference considering how awesome the fantasy elf costume was! Your imagination is always way more awesome than the real world. Great Job, totally have my vote! ;)

This touched me.... I completaly sypathise with that DM as that is what my group was like (but with 8 of them!)

That was actually really good. The production quality was impressive and so was the acting I thought.

I'd like to see this series replace both Unforgotten Realms, which decided to leave us a while back, and I Hit It With My Axe, which is not very good. Top-notch cinematography, bravo.

I wonder, though; does this series have a plot, like UR?

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