The Escapist Film Festival 2010: Escape the Game

Escape the Game

A character in a video game begins to realize that life is more than quicktime events and locked doors.

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Lovin' the idea for this one!

Intruiging, but I have no idea what exactly is going to happen. Will it be a paralell world or a meeting of the two? Still, good production values and nice acting. Looking forward to more.

I don't quite get it, but it looked interesting.
So, he's been freed from the constraints of the game or something.
BTW, that was pretty impressive how you mimicked clunky animations.

I know whats its like dying in a game then having to skip all that dialogue, thought it was pretty cool that you actually did that.
Also I love ideas based off of fourthwall stuff so I'm very interested in this

Thanks so much for watching and the feedback is invaluable. Honestly, it's a gift just to get all of you in front of my work,

well done this is brilliant

Pretty interesting indeed. Don't really have anything else to say. Yet. Nothing to complain about, either.
Well done.

Very fun to watch, you definitely captured the feel of being in a video game. I also caught the Yahtzee reference, very well done. It was good for a chuckle, but didn't seem forced at all. The best kind of reference.

I'm curious, though: did you intent for this to be a stand-alone piece or were you hoping to make a series out of it?

Thought I'd give some quick responses.

@Distorted Stu - Glad you dug it. I was going for a more "serious" or "dramatic" tone with this.

@randommaster - Those are some great ideas. I definitely see a meeting of the two worlds in the future of the series. Also, it was great to have the acting challenge of "be terrible like cinematics are in a video game."

@Dax_and_Jaxter - Thank for noticing. We achieved that through some stiffened muscle movements and shooting in 29.97 then editing in 24p in the NLE software.

@rofl jet - I hear you, I frickin hate unskippable dialogue when playing games. And in general I'd rather have the storytelling be part of the game. What do you mean by fourthwall? I don't recall addressing the camera. Do you mean dealing in notions of what is real and what is not? Because I love that stuff too! Some of my favorite movies are the Truman Show, The Matrix, and Inception.

@The Lady - Thanks so much. *blushing*

@owlslayer - Thank you. "Interesting" is one of the highest compliments entertainment can receive.

@Sporky111 - Awesome you caught the reference and thanks for the compliments. As for your question, yes I have an arc in mind for the series that is quite a bit bigger in scope (not necessarily production) than what I could address in the pilot. Perhaps next time I'll put a "to be continued" or something like that.

you got my vote, very interesting, and showed just enough to keep us wanting more.

sincerely hope you win


Very clever. It'd be cool to see where you take this, and I loved the Yahtzee refrence.

The only problem I had with this was the re-spawn. Yes, it's accurate, but watching the guy get out of bed and walk downstairs three times got really dull.

@waterblender - thanks for the well wishes

@33drum33 - now that's the kind of ego stroking I like. Who doesn't?

@Moon_Called - thanks for your criticism. I will definitely take it into account in the future; repetition can easily be aggravation. I'm excited about the places I'm going to take this as well!

Ive lost


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