The Escapist Film Festival 2010: The Writers - "First Draft"

The Writers - "First Draft"

Chad and Rob are writers for a local community television station. They are off too a bad start so the producer brings in someone to help them out. Will they be any help? Or just a distraction?

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Any feedback to help us for future episodes would be great! Thanks everyone!

Keep up the good work guys, I personally thought Matt was the most sexy in this.

One piece of advice would be to develop the characters more before you write more. They're pretty flat right now and it's easy to tell what's going to happen. Also, while the writer's room is neat, it makes for a very empty set.

I... did not enjoy this. Honestly, it really was mostly the one guy picking on the other guy, and I'm sure enough to bet money that said one guy would then end up getting the girl.

You should have gone with the zombie pirates idea. Now that'd be cool.

I want to see Zombie pirates!!!


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