The Escapist Film Festival 2010: £5 Budget: Noise

£5 Budget: Noise

For the price of a crumpet, scones and poor dental care we attempt to "improve" Keanu Reeves' epic masterpiece: Speed. God save the Queen.

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Thank you for cutting the guy off at the end!

And also fairly well done!

Quite well done. It was legitimately funny in it's own right, not just as making fun of the original, which is the best thing a parody can do.

Best of all, if the entire point of the series is to downgrade things to the small and crap-illy budgeted scale you have the perfect way to get away with low production values. Very clever.

I had to comment on this one. I've watched the first 60 or so entries so far, and I have laughed hardest at this one. This one is frigging hilarious. You're a little rough around the edges as far as shooting, but I'll happily take that if the product will be as funny as this.

hahahahahah what hoe a jolly good laugh and all that.. pip pip tally hoo!

I guess some people just don't like blueberries.

This was pretty good, even if some of the jokes were corny. I'd definitely like to see more.

Ohhh my gosh I love you British people. This is why I'm proud to be Commonwealth. That was just hilarious, I practically didn't stop laughing during any of this. This is going into my favourites menu and yeah, I'm probably going to vote for this.
Sparta joke at the end kind of killed it, though. It's old. =c

It was good guys and I will keep voting for you!

"If you defect, you will lose your health insurance." I thought NHS served everyone, including non-citizens.

Bloody hilarious. I was laughing through the whole thing. The writing was tight and the pacing was excellent. Particular kudos to the library that let you nutters run wild through it.


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