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Whether it's Mario's anniversary, or their own losses, Nintendo seem out of touch with reality.

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Mario with a ray gun: Ah the possibilities.
Nice hair cut Kathleen :)

ah what could of been.


and Kathleen's new hair cut is FANTASTIC!!!

I bet if they did went a head with Mario using a ray gun, everyone would be more acceptable of video game violences in the present day and wait Samus using a fireball instead of the ray gun???

Can we get the next ENN with 100% less Creed? The amount of hair loss was quite acceptable, though.


Imagine if blasters were mainstream. Then they probably would have killed video games in the 80s, and the Escapist would be about the resurgence of Escape Artists.

"Duke Beamem 6 ahead of schedule"
I laughed :)

But I must say, looking snazzy in those alternate-history suits and glasses

Graham, is that an old phone on yer head? Neat.

Am I the only person who finds Jeremy Petter adorable?

Fantastic episode today, guys. Loved that alternate future spin.

Bring back the hair! I like Graham's floppy hair. I still think he's hot though.

Hilarious! Imagine if they had included the Rocket Pack as well!

Kathleen had a new hair cut? Strange... I didn't notice :-)

I'm thankful that Mario didn't start off as a beam gun weilding alien fighter guy....
Sad to say it, but I'm definitely getting Mario All Stars for Wii. My SNES version doesn't save anymore, and the $30 price tag doesn't seem too unreasonable for a limited quantity bundle with a huge soundtrack.

That's valve time for all of you.

Graham's new haircut suits him.

Don't you remember that PS2 had no games for a year?

What's wrong with Creed?
Also, beams for the win.

Good episode...won't be getting this All Stars game, don't know why anyone would since you'd expect someone to have all of those games by now.

Love Grahams new haircut. Also the video was hilarious. Everything's better with kittens.

sc2 expansion in 2012


Graham, if you released an album covering Creed songs, I would buy it.

That's valve time for all of you.

No Valve time is basically denying all existence of a game after you announce it. At least Blizzard give vague hints about the content and possible release of the next Starcraft episode.

Valve on the other hand haven't publicly acknowledged the possible existence of Half Life 2 Episode 3 in a very long time.

Also, great hair Kathleen :)

sc2 expansion in 2012


Beamcraft 7 would've been out by now.

Duke Beamem Forever 6 ahead of schedule, lolz only in a fantasy world

OMG! The Creed bit at the end had me cracking up. I was just starting to have nostalgia for 2000 when Graham chimed in with that and was like Oh, god no... I do remember that time pretty fondly though, I was working at EB for the PS2 launch and it was pretty darn crazy. In fact I was talking about it with my old EB manager just last week. Scary to think that was 10 years ago now.

Also, lol those ones are just lying down. They are tired. Was awesome too.

Thank you Kathleen, I hate Creed too. Stupid christian band trying to rip off Pearl Jam.

I think you're looking at the Mario AllStars sales the wrong way.
If a 20 year old game is outselling everything else, what's wrong with today's games?

Good episode. I loved the beam stuff and the Harry and the Hendersons reference.

Wait, so Blizzard is taking a long time to make a game?

That's never happened before!

Nice to see my comments last week in no way effected Kathleen's wardrobe choice.

In other news, I know the exact kind of gamers Graham is talking about, and it never ceases to amaze me how they pre-order crappy games so designers never have to set up their game.

+1 for hilarious Creed reference.

I'm really hoping that StarCraft 2 bit was just a joke. It took them 12 years to make one third of a game.

Haha, Creed sucks.

The Cheezy One:
Am I the only person who finds Jeremy Petter adorable?

Nope, you sure aren't. ;)

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