Escape to the Movies: Four Lions

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Four Lions

This week MovieBob takes a look at Four Lions.

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Well it sounds awesome :D

A British comedy film about terrorists... I'm instantly thinking Monty Python sketches.

Anyway I'll find time to watch this soon.

Loved this movie. Loved the review. There's so much love in the air recently

That clip at the end sold me.

I like a solid comedy, and no material is really off-limits for me.

That said, I might just wait for the DVD, instead of rushing to the theaters.

I agree, Please don't be a musical, Please don't be a musical, Oh please oh please oh please!

It has Omid Djalli in it, he is my favorite comedian.

Im going to see it.

Honestly, the crow-bomb told me all I needed to know about this film. Glad to see Russel branching out into real film :P

Don't Jinx it Bob!

I really, REALLY need to see this movie.



ok having just watched it yesterday its not a musical, and its not python (which is a very particular kind of spoof comedy which we don;t see so often) what it is though is a funny if occaisonally disjointed movie which handles the issues maturely and whilst the characters do over the top things it all seems scarily believable. definantly worth the watch.

How have I not heard of this? I was semi-expecting a review of Let Me In, and then this rolls along? I am intrigued, and shall endeavour to see it.

And yes, the Honey Monster is awesome. As my Sugar Puffs T-shirt suggests.

Those comedians ARE smug Bob. Thats kinda their shtik. At least I always thought the whole thing was a parody of all the serious political commentators like Rush Limba. Which is also funny cause if you listen to Rush enough you become aware that he is purposfuly acting like an bloated gas bag for the sake of his ratings. But please don't take this opinion to seriously cause I don't.

This looks like something that I would rent. Certainly a very funny premise.

one thing I always find funny is how people think comedians aren't being serious with their material. Like how so many people on the Escapist think Yahtzee's reviews aren't "real" reviews because he's being funny about it

I can't believe you reviewed this! I'm dancing like a champ as I type.

Morris's genius is really profound in Four Lions, as in all of his other works. He never shies away from controversy, he just charges in and does the gags. Brass Eye and The Day Today, even Nathan Barley and On the Hour are really intelligent and funny as hell comedy.

Thanks for making my day, Bob.

Heard about this movie ages ago, I thought i had missed it.

Honestly, the crow-bomb told me all I needed to know about this film.

yeah same here

This seems to dovetail nicely with Extra Credits yesterday.

I've had this on DVD for a little while now being terribly British (was released in september i think) and all i have to say is go and see it. It's a perfect antidote to an issue especially america has very little grasp on the reality of, it's both hilerious and an insight into just how absurd the reaction and perception of terrorism is.

Also crow-bomb.

I remember when this was on at the cinema. I always wanted to go and see it, but never got around to it. The same thing happened when it came out of DVD. I'm sure one day I'll see it in a shop and finally get around to buying it.

On the topic of the movie, the most surprising thing I recall is that, in the UK, I don't think I ever heard anyone really complain about the subject matter.

Tell 'em about the Honey, Mummy.

Sounds like an intriguing film, certainly got two things going for it that would interest me: 1. it's British, which since I live in England is always a good thing. 2. Its not afraid to explore an otherwise taboo subject.

Also: I had no idea that America didn't have the Honey Monster... You guys have been missing out!

It's an absolutely brilliant film, it's been out on DVD here in the UK for a while but I dont own it. Why? well, once you see the film you'll understand.

The thing is about these 5 muslim lads is that they are genuinely likeable and the third act is pretty depressing on a few levels, but with a smile too.

I saw it a good couple of months ago, I think i'm about ready to see it again.

Also, try and check out the Brass eye stuff

How have I not heard of this? I was semi-expecting a review of Let Me In, and then this rolls along? I am intrigued, and shall endeavour to see it.

And yes, the Honey Monster is awesome. As my Sugar Puffs T-shirt suggests.

But Let me in was released forever ago, I don't even think it's still in theaters.

What the hell is a honey monster

Chris Morris is proabaly more infamous for his cutting and almost painfully funny ataire of the media hyseria over pedophiles thus really esposing who really lacked a sense of humor.

I saw it in the cinema when it came out here in the UK ages ago. It's hilariously dark and yeah the crow bomb XD

Is this just out in America? It's been on DVD for ages here. I've been trying to watch it but my rental store doesn't have it. Considering all the great reviews it's gotten, I might just buy it.

This movie isn't going to show in my town. I am now officially a sad panda.

Now that I know who the Sugar Monster is, I decree him to be CREEPY AS ALL HELL. But also cute in a weird way.

Russell's cousin became a Kamikaze Krow !

I've not yet heard of this one but then I'm in the U.S.

If I have the chance to see this in theaters I'm going for sure though. This movie looks great! Also: I'm going to be using that Mel Brooks quote.

Ahh, finally. A film I'll have known about for longer than you. XD

I think you will probably have to be British or at the very least have a very good understanding of what we find funny. Because I honestly think this was one of the best comedies I have seen in a long time.

I couldn't think of any-times were the humour flew over me or didn't quite land. But that's because I'm English. It was made for our audience.

Also... You guy's don't have the honey monster :?

I thought that thing was global.

I loved this film and need to get a bloody big copy of it because the creators deserve it. Oh and the Honey Monster's been cool for ages. I respect him more than David Cameron and his Right wing party that is going too far. Fox hunting with dogs hurts the fox immensely, so STOP DOING IT!

And Crow bomb, since everyone loves that, and the "Falling over BOOM!"

Calumon: He does have big hands! :D

Sounds like a movie I'll definitely go see. Preferably in one of the English cinemas here.

definitely going to see it, and the yanks dont have the honey monster? i thought it was a nestle brand.

but it may loose some of it shock humour, there are a surprising amount of Danish sketches, stand up acts and cartoon strips about terrorists, so many that i almost forgot that A: its still a taboo in some countries and B: that they weren't just comedy material.

the Muhammed drawings where comedy gold for us back in the days.

Whoo. I liked what you said about Hogan's Heros not being made during WWII Bob. I'm an American that would love to have my terrorist fear boil lanced by some fearless comedic surgery, but the surgeons better use some sharp ass scalpels. This might be one I go see myself first before I suggest it to anyone else. Looks reall funny, but I really hope it never apologizes for what it's about. That might devalue it. That red, white, and blue sheild scares me. I don't think a sniper would have a hard time finding it...please don't suck Captain.

Bob. I'm sorry but you clearly have no clue what the being 'smug' means. The commedians you mention ARE smug. Being smug doesnt mean your not funny or even not RIGHT it means you just come across as overlly full of yourself to the point where you are clearly disdainful of anyone your talking to.

You yourself are frankly smug and the key point that makes you so is that you assume anyone who disagrees with you 'isnt smart enough to understand what your saying and that's why they disagree'. It's the fact that you don't entertain the fact that you could be wrong that makes it smugness and not just 'wit'.

In fact I think that's what your missing. Witty isn't the same as Smug.

All that said other than that little point that wound me up somewhat, I really like the sound of the movie from your review and will hopefully watch it if it comes to my local cinema.

I'm going to have to see this, I love "edgy comedy" (I don't really know how to describe it) :P

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