Review: 007 Blood Stone

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Review: 007 Blood Stone

The creators of the Bond films deliver an unexpected and surprising treat.

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Holy crap look at the stats of this review! *points to stat window* Hmmm....+1 to facepalm...

Seriously, though. This looks pretty awesome. *adds to Christmas list*

Looks pretty bland to me.

The puns! They burn!

i played this game and to quote Daily Destin from, "... and a copy of Blood Stone which is comparable to excrement in a box"

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Russ, your puns are amazing. I honestly didn't see that last one coming!

The Gentleman:
The puns! They burn!

Leave the review jokes up to Yahtzee, Russ. Just because you have a license to make puns doesn't mean you get to laugh at your own jokes! Seriously dude, your laugh is creepy.

not bad im a skeptic though so ill wait for reviews form multiple sources.

Might I ask where the missing star in the overall score came from? From the review, you seemed pretty impressed with the game overall, and you didn't really give a clear defined reason for the slightly lower rating, so what brought it down. The slightly bland stealth portions? Or the fact you didn't get to fly the Osprey?

You ought to be shot for that last joke.

That was a weird giggle at the end.. many puns...

Sorry but this game is pretty poor. Seriously if you're considering buying this game check out my review in the User Reviews forum first. Bottom line is, you will really regret spending the asking price on this one.

I'm actually excited for this game because it gives me an alternative to satisfying my Bond fix with something other than the new Goldeneye crap. Thanks for the puns!

You ought to be shot for that last joke.

I'll hold him down for you.

OT: I am also wondering why it was so low. You seemed like a kid in a candy store that had a jar of peanut butter (see, I actually read the article). The only flaw that I could see is that its linearity would bother you.

Ending joke is as awesome as it is awful!

OT: Is it me or does this look like Alpha Protocol with cars? Not that that's wrong, AP is an awesome game and I'd love to see a (spiritual) sequel or even a decent knock off!

Holy craps! If this games is as good as it looks and as good as you say it is, I'll have to get it for sure! It's about time another enjoyable Bond game came out, and if this one's the best yet, it's going to be awesome! express.

nobody has a license for bad puns. prepare the shark tank slave. he shall pay for his insolence:P
OT: looks good but not for me

You had me genuinely laughing with your puns. Excellent review!

I thought you were being 100% sarcastic throughout most of the video, then I read the review over again and I guess you aren't sarcastic...

It really doesn't look good at all.

And to think I dismissed this as just another shooter. I mean sure, it looked all right but all right just isn't good enough anymore. Plus the vehicle sections actually look fun as opposed to tacked on and boring. I'll be asking for this for Christmas.

Quite generous in my opinion.

Whilst I did thoroughly enjoy the game and I did feel like Bond, the story and dialogue are terrible(this is apparently the guy who wrote the Goldeneye film, and if that's true he should be ashamed beyond belief), as is the acting (except Judi Dench and Daniel Craig, who were really good), I still can't work out why the hell it's called Blood Stone, the investigation sections are pretty dull and the cutscenes too often display the things I should be doing.

Oh, and if there's blood surrounding the screen I know I need to stay in cover, and I know the when the ammo is flashing I need to reload, and I know what the button is to do so; stop treating me like a moron!

HOWEVER, it is a step in the right direction: the takedowns feel great (if a little disconnected), the focus aim works better than Conviction's mark and execute, and the investigation sections at least display the knowledge that Bond does more than hit things and go vroom vroom in his car.

What these games really need are a new publisher, and a collaboration between the guys who made Hitman: Blood Money, Splinter Cell: Conviction and Arkham Asylum.

3/5 for me.

Dude, they´ve already done this once.
Anybody remember "Everything or Nothing"?

This looks like Bourne Conspiracy + Splinter Cell Convition

I still can't work out why the hell it's called Blood Stone, the investigation sections are pretty dull and the cutscenes too often display the things I should be doing.

I haven't played the game, but I assume Blood Stone refers to blood diamonds from Africa? Do they play a role in the story?

Russ, great job on the video, fun to listen to.

Blind Sight:

I still can't work out why the hell it's called Blood Stone, the investigation sections are pretty dull and the cutscenes too often display the things I should be doing.

I haven't played the game, but I assume Blood Stone refers to blood diamonds from Africa? Do they play a role in the story?

No xD

That's what I thought it'd be about, but Joss Stone's character (big mistake by the way) mentions them once, and a villain has some diamonds attached to a knife he uses.

The rest is about biological warheads.

I didn't think anyone outside of the US military had access to the Osprey yet. How the hell is the Burmese army going to afford it?

I rented this game just looking for some Bond action but hey the game itself didn't turn out half bad. Got some gunfight action, some stealth objectives, and some insane vehicle set pieces.
Nothing that's gonna blow other games out of the water though...but still, it's Bond...James Bond.

Though I gotta say, the ending was kind of anticlimactic (my friends predicted it too)...

As a huge Bond f an I can't be very objective. But I'll say my piece anyway. This game rocks. It's like a Bond movie all the way through. Sure the game lacks some gameplay elements of more modern shooters but who needs them anyway? It has everything a good Bond game needs. I'm already replaying the game on 007 difficulty. It may look bland, but it's not. It's very immersive especially if you're a Bond fan like I am. Also the game has phenomenal soundtrack. Music is very Bond-like. Especially the opening sequence song which is actually better than most Bond movie songs. I can't stop listening to it. If Activision advertized this game like they advertize CoD I'm sure it would get a 9.0 score from most reviewers. It's a shame this game will be overlooked by so many because it's not advertized. It is the best Bond game ever made as far as single player is concerned. I don't regret buying it for PC. Also, the game features 0 glitches!

I agree with Woodsey about cutscenes. A lot of cutscenes could have been actual gameplay and it's noticeable. I wrote a review about the game on the official Blood Stone forum and I mentioned that. You can see my review here:
It's mostly about things that they can improve for the sequel. If devs by any chance take my review into consideration next game would be great.

It looks like a solid title. I never got around to watching any of the films, and this looks like some fun to be had when the price goes down a little more.

Maybe I'd spend a weekend with this and play it occasionally after that. It looks like Uncharted, which I enjoyed, and it has multiplayer, too.

Interesting, my brother has a Wii, maybe he'll get the game at some point. After which his Wii might disappear for a day or two... Sad.

And that last pun + your giggle really split my sides. Seriously. Spontanious laughter xD

Yay! Boats!
That made me laugh a LOT more than that last pun. A lot more.
Anyway, this looks like an add to my Christmas list. Dang it, I've got about 7 Download titles, and 10 disk titles, plus one more in January. Hopefully this makes up for my Wii being messed up and unable to play GoldenEye

So is this as good as Everything or Nothing?
Because that was the best Third-Person Bond game I know.

This game looks pretty good, I might get it.

This game has been getting mixed reviews. Perhaps one more over-positive review like the one Mr Pitts just provided us with will be enough to push it over into "definitely descent" territory.

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