Question of the Day, November 13, 2010

Question of the Day, November 13, 2010


Yesterday, we here at The Escapist announced the three winners of our 2010 Film Festival. Which are you most excited to see turned into a full series?


Tales from the Table all the way. Love that show. All worthy winners, though. Great year!

Well done to all, but is had to be Tales from the Table for me!

All of them, but Show About Games Show was my favorite from the contest and I really think that they deserved to win.

Show About Games Show, no doubt.

Even though I voted for both creature caster master and Show about games, I gotta go with Show about games, was very well done and good fun =)

Also, Cooking Mama was shooting lazer out of her eyes..xD

But they're all great but I gotta go with...

Show About Games Show.
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Tales from the Table.


All 3 were good, but i liked Tales from the Table and Show about games show most.
Something about Creature Caster Masters was a bit off... but it had several good jokes nonetheless.

I think tales from the table wins hands down, great stuff.

looks like a pretty even spread at the moment. I must say I particularly liked show about games show.

Tales from the Table. Its the only one that had me constantly laughing. I didn't find Show about Games Show or Creature Caster Masters near as entertaining. They were all good though.

Creature Caster Masters - so much win.

I liked both creature caster and show about games show... but honestly I'm just happy that we've got new awesome content. And that it was picked by viewers so that we don't have another Game Dogs happen.

Creature Caster Masters or Show about Games Show. Really loved 'em both :D

I havent been following it so I just picked one... Although I'm surely going to watch all of them.

I'm gonna be honest, none of them really stood out to me.

My vote goes to Tales from the Table for having the most polish, a promising start and the best acting. Show About Games Show didn't feel very funny at all, and Creature Caster Masters looks very amateurish (I know that might change if they win, but still) and I just could get into it.

Show About Games Show, without a doubt. The other two are good, but that was the one that had me laughing more than any non-Doraleous show on The Escapist.

Tales from the Table was easily the best for me... Show About Games Show was good but Tales just felt that much better...

Tales from the Table showed promise but didn't make me laugh as much as the other two. Good production though and I think it just needs a few episodes to get going.
Creature caster masters was pretty funny but it seems like it could get old fast. I reckon that this one's more likely to go the other way and get worse over time. I'll definitely give it a chance though since I quite enjoyed episode 1.
My favourite of the 3 was show about games show, purely because it made me laugh the most. The concepts were really great and also executed well. The format allows it to stay fresh constantly although I'm also curious to see if there will be any running jokes. As I said with the other 2: "only time will tell", but SAGS appeals to me the most.
I look forward to seeing more of all 3 in the near future :)

I most excited about Tales from the Table. It reminded me of The Gamers, but has some nice differences.

One thing I did notice, a lot of people voted just based on the humor of the show, if it made them laugh they voted.

I feel it was a little more complex than that, if it wasn't it would be called The Escapist Comedy Film Festival.

There were videos I didn't vote for because they weren't funny, but only because I saw that it was the only premise behind the video, and since it was the only reason behind the video and I didn't laugh I didn't vote.

There are other premises I saw in other videos, like story (and not a just for laughs type of story). With Tales from the Table, I see more than just laughs coming from it.

I think the true test for a show like Tales from the Table will be keeping interest in moments that aren't suppose to be funny. Moments like I have seen in shows like Doraleous and Associates, that I realize aren't really meant to be funny, but then they get viewers that comment that they didn't like an episode because there were parts that weren't funny. It is those times is that I just smile and because it never ceases to amaze me what people can miss about a show, because they type class it.

So here's to something more in these shows than just comedy.

I think Sonic Doctor hit the nail on the head so to speak, and I was surprised to find that "Tales From The Table" got so few votes. It had excellent acting (and a special mention for great bitchiness in a record time from the Girlfriend, kudos!), it was nicely shot, had a good pace. I'm definitely hoping that this one will be turned into a full show.
I didn't really "get" Creature Caster Masters, maybe it's because I'm no fan of Pokemon. Did like the "Kiss the Floating Pink Chef" apron, though.
Show About Games Show had a few chuckles in it, and comes in second for me. I definitely liked the first sketch, the second one not as much, but I'm not sure how much potential it really has.
Anyhow, congrats to all three, nevertheless, as it is apparent that there was a huge amount of work involved. Kudos!

They where all so good! I can't decide.

But they're all great but I gotta go with...

Show About Games Show.
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I don't know.....

I mean that was funny and all, but I'm going with Creature Caster Masters.
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