Daily Drop: Gumballs


Wait, you're supposed to chew these things?

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Indeed, they don't look chewable when they smash like that xD

yeah no more gumballs for me!

i did not think they would crack though. That was a surprise.

Doesn't look chewable at all.

Impressive, although was it just me or did Paul throw them? Anyways, on a side note, do you guys have access to liquid nitrogen? I've seen someone shatter a super-ball that had been dipped in it, it was pretty cool. Just a thought.

...Wow. No wonder your jaw feels like you've been chewing for hours when you're chewing those.

I'll confess, I really didn't think they would shatter like that. :D

Just wish you guys had time to take the one's that didn't break and shatter them as well. What is that thing they're going to break tomorrow though, I can't tell what it is.

Wait should that count as a half failure? Since two or three weren't broken like the rest.
Anyway what a waste of Gumballs, I used to buy those back in high school.

NOTE TO SELF: do not chew on red or green gumballs, they will break your teeth as concrete is no match for them

The christmas gumballs seem to be the most durable. Must be the season.

I was expecting them all to bounce or maybe splat or something, I had no idea they were that fragile

HUH, not bad.

I thought this was going to be one of those where it take 3 trys for anything to happen.
*pleasently surprised*

for future round objects that fail might I suggest hitting them into the wall with a golf club?

I thought they'd go with jawbreakers. That might be interesting with the crowbar, though. ...And dangerous.

It was interesting to compare energy conservation in elastic vs non-elastic collisions.

What?! Have gumballs always been hollow? What a jip. You would think they would give you a solid peice of gum.

Hollow gumballs? That doesn't seem quite right.

Also, the red ones are tough. XD

Interesting drop on the whole. I wasn't actually expecting them to shatter. I kind of figured they'd be almost indestructible. Guess not.

For god sake, make the point of impact slower, the bits flying around just isn't that interesting.
Still awesome though.

That was really cool. The gumballs that didn't shatter concern me as well. I wonder if the same shattering or at least splitting of candy will work with giant jaw breakers.

No wonder I hate the red ones, they are harder and don't break!

That was a lot more entertaining than I thought it would be. I thought they would all just bounce around, not shatter.

00:48 - 00:56

the red gumball, it FLOATS!?!

what, the're hollow? those rip off bastards.

these are getting kinda lame.

Good job getting them to smash like that very unexpected though I was disappointing that you didn't re-dropped the three that didn't smash.

Huh... I request additional testing.

Wait...gumballs are hollow on the inside? 0_o I never knew that...

Wow. Some of those gumballs were fragile.

From this, it is safe to conclude that the red and green ones are the superior breed.

Red, moving objects, still a video codec's toughest enemy.

Never expected them to break so easily. Though that was a little bit more of a throw down than a drop, still entertaining though.

Paul! Your aim is theoretically terrible!

That was interesting. I've actually just lightly dropped gumballs before and had them split open. You should have got some of the really HUGE ones!

When that black gumball drops it makes a "ding!" sound (0:35)

Not the best one, but still interesting. I just wished those two gumballs that didn't break would have collided in mid-air. They were SO CLOSE to collision, but they just barely missed each other.

why waste gum? This video had me balling. I went thru a full box of tissues


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