Zero Punctuation: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II

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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II

This week, Zero Punctuation reviews Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II.

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I didnt like the first, not looking forward to this one either.
Vomit through a pen made me giggle

Totally hated the first. The second one sounds even more worse. The demo already showed the repeative nature of the game. Not for me.

Force lightning is EVERYBODY's weakness?
*puts on sun glasses*

I couldn't stand the first and in all honesty Lucas and Star Wars are coming across a bit Sonic Team now.

I have to agree that this game is the biggest insult to Star Wars fans, WHERE IS BATTLEFRONT 3!!!!!!!!!!!

Gotta say. I got kind of aroused when I saw the picture of the two chairs stacked together! Mmm, mmm, mmmmmm!

OT: Star Wars franchise has indeed gone downhill in later years. Kind of like a snow-ball effect. I, for one, won't be playing this game.

Schindler's List Easy Bake Oven. Wow, just wow.

I still kinda like star wars tho.

I would add Jedi Outcast to the list of three things good about the Star Wars franchise. As for TFU 2, the only way they could have made it good was if half way trough, Kyle Katarn showed up out of nowhere and murdered Starkiller with his fists.
Anything less is, well, is the final product.

Is it just me or did the mic/his voice sound a little off?

Why have you been reviewing these kinds of games? Like you said in your EP, they're repetitive, and stink of filler before the Christmas season. Review some old games, at least they would be a trifle entertaining.

Looks like I might rent
At the start of the holidays
After booze

LoL review, but I can't believe it.

How can you hate Super Star Wars on Snes? O_O
I love those games. And how dare you to not put the Jedi Outcast series on the goodscale?

The demo bored me

The demo is something to advertise your game and make it seem OMG THATS SO AWESOME
not get bored after 3 minutes of gameplay

and the new guy is a clone,

give me a brake did the developers poo thier pants after the first one and then use their own feces to create the story of the second game

whoever buys this game is an idiot!

Is it just me or did the mic/his voice sound a little off?

It did sound a at the start but then I stopped noticing it.

Well, I bought the first one, hated it for all the god damn bugs, and I'm certainly not buying this one, it completely fails to interest.

I wanted to play it just to play through as Guybrush.

Not only does Lucas Arts insult us with this sycophantic drab, milked, remilked, and reremilked, but they actually cancel good titles.

I miss Dark Forces!!!

The Schindler's List easy bake oven made me lol.

The last Star Wars game I played was KOTOR and I'm glad I stopped when I did. It's a shame that this game is not only a movie adapted into a video, but also a sequel. If this makes as much money as Yahtzee says it will then I may have lost faith in humanity.

Star Wars is still a good franchise.

All you have to do is remove EVERYTHING that Lucas had directorial control over.

Leaving you with Star Wars, Empire, bits of Return and a few other good bits from the novels. Maybe the original RPG.
Oh, but remember it's the original, not the Enhanced versions.

Oh, and Tie Fighter.

The rest is ejaculate.

Actually, just get Joseph Campbell and Jim Henson and give them light sabres. That's the good part of Star Wars.

The game? I deleted it after a minute playing the demo. What a waste of time.

I founded this Force Unleashed 2 even shittier than the first one...Okay the first one was shitty but it was even challenging and the ''story'' was better. :/

It's just a matter of time. Either through death of age or lack of patience, the fanbase for Star Wars has got to diminish SOMEhow.

And when that days comes, God willing, we'll see Schafer working there again, either in body or in spirit.

One can dream, at least...

I kind of enjoyed the first, mostly for the utter insanity of it (and the fact that force lightning is pretty much the games "oh fuck this" button).

I'm not surprised about this, he absolutly tore the first one into an unrecognizable pile of gorey chunks so the fact that he did the same again is par for the course.

I'd like to know what console he played it on. Did he play it the Wii againg for the sake of consistancy or on 360 or PS3 in another of his ever so subtle attempts to tell the Wii to go fuck it self?

*as of thirty minutes of this video hitting the web, there is a forum about "your favorite star wars game". (No offince to the poster)
Yet another example of Yahtzee inspireing us.
(whether or not that is good I'll leave up to you)*

I just choked on my tea due to the end few bits.

I played the demo of FU2 (yes, I'd imagine that is intentional), and actually thought it was a step backwards, as the controls and handling were way too clumsy, the AI was actually WORSE than FU's, and the visuals were dire.

The first one wasn't even very good. This one is worse.

It's just a matter of time. Either through death of age or lack of patience, the fanbase for Star Wars has got to diminish SOMEhow.

No chance. It's an accepted religion (Jedi) in some areas, and once something becomes a religion, it only attracts the incredibly stupid, and lasts for millennia (Christianity and Islam, anyone?)

I'm sure 1500 years from now, the Sith Empire will be attempting to annex part of Mars from the Jedi because of some holy place or MacGuffin.

Also, Battlefront 3 is the only Star Wars game that could interest me into buying it. Fuck Star Wars.

I miss Dark Forces!!!

And TIE Fighter. I recently grabbed KOTOR I off of Steam for the sheer nostalgia of good Star Wars alone, and may do the same with Dark Forces.

This, I'll pass on. I passed on the first, too.

Who still likes Star Wars? Fanboys in denial from hell

I started thinking that

I have to agree that this game is the biggest insult to Star Wars fans, WHERE IS BATTLEFRONT 3!!!!!!!!!!!

but then i realised: nooooo battlefront 2 was immense, dont give modern developers a chance the muck it up!!!
kill it while it was good

I happen to still like Star Wars, Mr. Croshaw. I'm doing a re-run of Knights of the Old Republic right now, and appreciate you putting it with the first two original movies.

But I will agree with you on the whole butchering of the canon timeline by TFO & TFO 2. I tend to ignore what George Lucas does with the franchise these days.

I'll clarify my earlier statement: I'm loyal to what Star Wars was, not what it has become since 1999 (excluding KotOR, of course, and maybe TOR can breathe some life back into this thing).

Not surprised, although he did make me think. Star Wars really is far outweighed on the crap to good ratio

I probably wouldn't mention anything about the 3 Death Stars super glued together to George Lucas. He may end up using that for his next game.

I miss Kyle Katarn. :(

The Mic sounded off, but enough fanboy nitpicks.

I have to say that I agree. I went around my mates once as he wanted to stay up late and he had bought Force Unleashed II. We played it all night long (as in HE played it, I was the dude with the Doritos watching from afar) and he completed it before we even went to sleep, and the only thing I could say was "How the fuck does this make sense and what was the point of it?"

Force Unleashed could have been a great spin off. Instead we got a limping first game and a second game that has no right to exist other than to give George Lucas more money, which I'm sure he must be running out of after all 6 box office hitting films, books, That other film, the toys, the magazines, the posters, the figurines, the merchandising, the licensing, the lawsuit benefits and Indiana Jones. Clearly, this was needed.

Anyway, fanboy rant over. Here's the thing you guys actually read.

Calumon: Uhh... His beard is fuzzy!

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