Escape to the Movies: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1

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I'm going to see the movie with a friend tomorrow. I'm looking forward to it... kind of... I don't know, I've kind of grown out of my Harry Potter phase, but I still like the series, so I'll be glad to see it.


Good to know this is a good movie.

And also, you really think it's Oscar Quality? We shall have to wait and see =)

Oscar quality has become an oxy moron in this day and age. The hurt Locker won six oscars last year. You know which film was last to do that? FOREST GUMP! Do you think the hurt locker was ANY where near quality as Forest Gump? The oscars have become a joke, unfortunately.

im sorry but qq seriously its a good movie, whilst its not the best film ever it certainly deserved many of its awards best film wasn't a great pick (d9 or inglorious honestly) but at least it beat out avatar and the other fluff films.

Lol, why does Ron get to be both Han Solo and Batman?

I did not like the fifth movie so I didn't see the sixth. Now I have to go see it before this one.

I know how most people won't have their opinion changed by any review on whether or not to see this, but I stopped going to the theatres to see HP after I realized they weren't very good, and wasn't planning on seeing this one either for that same reason. But now that I know it's not just decent, but actually really good, I have a real decision to make.

Wait, Ron gets to be Han and Batman? I don't remember him being that badass...

Read the books, and I love them a lot. After watching the films, while I get very disappointed that they leave certain things out, I find them quite enjoyable. They films get the overall plot points, but not so much the small details. For some of the flims, this can be frustrating since those small details can be pretty important. However, I think some people blow up how awful some movies are(in my opinon of course! =D).

Thought the 1st and 2nd flims were done really well and I had no complaints.

The 3rd is still the worst for me because of the lack of small details. But I guess it didn't help that they had replaced Dumbledore's actor so I was already a bit biased.

4th was good even if they did leave out lots of plot points. However, I felt a lot of it wasn't even really necessary to understand. In the end, I felt they made good changes for the film. A bit dissapointed with the last Triwizard Trial, but they at least had the atmosphere down.

5th was also good. Wish the made Umbridge more of a vile person, but I had no complaints. The worst part of this movie isn't till the end, since again, a lot of finer points weren't really explained(plus I was really looking forward to that awesome Harry and Dumbledore scene which I think both actors could have done really well). The "Battle" at the end was also too short, but thats probably because it was like 3 chapters in the book. I believe it was the longest book, but got the shortest time in all the films? Hope someone can correct me.

Liked how hilarious the film made the the 6th. Made me realize how much love scenes the book actually had. Again, finer plot points were left out, but this time regarding Voldemort's past. However, they hit the major points: How he was found, and they way to defeat him. Also liked how they added a nice cool scene that wasn't in the book; it made me realize that not a lot happened in the book compared to some others. The end wasn't so bad, though there was no battle scene. I was really disappointed, but I believe they said it wasn't included since the 7th book has a lot of that anyway. Made some sense to me.

The only other complaints I had in the films were the lack of Dobby and the overly long scene in the 6th between Ginny and Harry. Otherwise, I felt the films were really well done!

Glad to here that the movie is good, though I was planning on seeing it anyway.

You really think this is Oscar quality Bob? You're aware that franchises rarely ever win Oscars, Lord of the Rings not withstanding.
I'm probably not going to go see it, the last Harry Potter movie left me confused and unsatisfied.

Also what's this about a cable channel declaring war on Japan?

Wow I wasn't planning on seeing it.. but after that review it might actually be worthwhile..

Colour me... Uninterested.

Being English and not retarded. I was bored hearing about Harry Potter before the third book was out. My outlook has not changed.

You should not take such a grim view on this MovieBob, You have made up my mind if I want to see it or not. i'm not a Harry Potter fanboy and nor am I a knowing this film is good makes me want to go see it.

Awsome, Can't wait, Will see it imediatly (after I read the book)

And as for the Whale Wars thing, I think we know the topic of a furure The Big Picture.

The hilarious part, as far as I'm concerned, is that this review did, in fact, convince me to go see it.

Its perfection is marred by a statement of imperfection. >.>

It's THAT good?

I liked the films sure, but I was going to wait on Television or something on this one since we are getting HALF of a film. Now I am going to see it.

Iccidently, how are we going to caculate the box office figures for this one? Each part seperately or together? Because depending on that, this might turn out to be the Avatar killer.

Strangely, Bob didn't say a thing about the movie's GREAT hidden meaning. I've thought for quite a while already that all this "Wizards vs Muggles" thing happened somewhere already. You know, the "strong" people, that have their advantage in their blood, some of them thinking that "lesser" people and "dirtbloods" don't deserve to be treated like people, but like dogs and slaves; suddenly obtaining a strong leader, who promises the revolution that will build a Brave New World to them, despite being a dirtblood himself, and rejecting his own family.
Jeez, where did I see this already? Oh yeah! here!
It all matches up neatly - extremists fail their first attempt and their Leader disappears for some time and returns with a new force to start again etc. Build your own comparisons, if you understand what I'm talking about.
So, what I want to say is that this last installment not only confirms my theories, but actually plays out like a wartime drama with magic wands. To put an example - a scene where a champ and a lady in the dirty gray tent that is lit with an oil (!) lamp, dance listening to some jazz band, that is played through a noisy old radio. Damn, there're more war movie cliques than in most war movies! - go to the 0:51 mark, look at those men in uniforms. You know what they do? they check for dirtbloods. Yeah, magical gestapo.
PS Instead of silly 'stauche "He"s got a silly nose.

Originally, I despised the franchise, I didn't really feel like I could get into it when I watched the first few movies. Then Twilight came out and suddenly I realised that it's actually not as bad as I originally thought because I was only seeing a small part of a big picture and in comparison to the previously mentioned franchise it does have quality going for it as the series progressed.

I probably won't see this in the theatre, instead I'll wait for the DVD release and rent it. Although I have come to appreciate that the franchise isn't all that bad, I'm by no means a fan and this sort of film isn't really the kind of thing I usually go for because even though it does have some quality behind it I've never found it challenging enough to merit me actively going out of my way to purchase it and this is coming from a guy who loves the works of David Cronenberg.

(Yes, even ExistenZ)

I wasn't going to see it but when you said it was GOOD you pushed me to the other side of the fence.

Saw it, liked it :)

I didn't give a damn about Rowling trying to make me feel anything other than annoyed at a substantial body count, so I'm not going to see it done as a MOVIE. Seriously, it's like she threw darts at a board to see who died so she could go "Isn't it just HEART-WRENCHING!!?!? It's so SAD!". No Rowling, it's freaking JUVENILE.

How are you still upset about this? The book's been out for years now.

I'n quite suprised this entire thread hasn't errupted into a mass brawl over the aspects of whaling. Good on you, Escapist.

I'm not sure about the movies. I'm sure my girlfriend will drag me to watch it regardless. I only liked the fifth one. It was way better than the book (I personally think books 5-6 are utter shite; so much so, I never even bothered to read the seventh).

I'll be seeing it but i'm still not sure if i'll go to the cinema or just wait until next year when all the films are on DVD and just buy the boxset because i was planning on doing that anyway. Good to hear it's a good movie but i was expecting it to be. The Harry Potter films have just gotten better and better as the series has gone on and the trailer for Deathly Hallows made the film look awesome. The first film was ok, the second film kinda sucked then films 3-6 have been great.

I'm surprised you're surprised, Bob. Ten years ago Fox elected a president. I'm not surprised that most escapees don't remember though; it was ten years ago.

Okay, more on topic. I've only seen the first movie all the way through and snippets of the others. I was so sad about Sirrius that I could never bring myself to pick up any of the later books or watch any of the other movies. I almost didn't watch this review. But I did, and now I think I'm going to watch the other six movies on video and then maybe, MAYbe catch the two finales on the big screen. So don't sell yourself short.

Aside from Part just sort of... ending in an unsatisfactory sort of way, I completely agree with your review Bob :D

And as for Whale Wars, don't worry one bit about those infective douches. If you want a clear picture of how those guys REALLY operate, go watch the South Park episode "Whale Whores." Its pretty accurate in its depiction right up until Stan becomes captain.


Good to know this is a good movie.

And also, you really think it's Oscar Quality? We shall have to wait and see =)

Oscar quality has become an oxy moron in this day and age. The hurt Locker won six oscars last year. You know which film was last to do that? FOREST GUMP! Do you think the hurt locker was ANY where near quality as Forest Gump? The oscars have become a joke, unfortunately.

No, Hurt Locker is better than that waffely overly sentimental, 16 hour pile of sickening dross, because life is like a box of chocolates!

I'm actually really excited for H7 tomorrow, at first we were gonna see it just so we could get out of the house but now I can't wait!


Good to know this is a good movie.

And also, you really think it's Oscar Quality? We shall have to wait and see =)

Oscar quality has become an oxy moron in this day and age. The hurt Locker won six oscars last year. You know which film was last to do that? FOREST GUMP! Do you think the hurt locker was ANY where near quality as Forest Gump? The oscars have become a joke, unfortunately.

Dude... while I agree with your general point... you hold FORREST GUMP up as the standard of great oscar-nommed movies? It was just about on the same emotional level of Titanic / Gladiator (which says something about what the Oscar committee is looking for I guess) with added unpleasant right-wing fanaticism (simple-minded farmboy sent to heroically die for his country while his girlfriend dies of movie-AIDS back home) if you're into that kind of thing.

As someone who absolutely loved the book series and has relatively enjoyed the movie series so far, this is great news. I was hoping that they would screw it up, and while I'll no doubt nitpick it to death because of the books, I'm going to try to go in with an open mind and just hope to enjoy the ride.

I refuse to believe this on observation.

The Harry Potter movies have been steadily declining in quality since day one, I see no reason for this trend to be reversed here. Emma Watson is still a shrill voiced harpy dragging the character narrative down, the story is still so bloated and unwieldy it had to be told in two separate parts, and the effects are still no better than an average computer nerd could knock out given a few days with some choice computer programmes.

Maybe it's just my opinion, but I can't even watch any of the films after Harry Potter 3 without being massively drunk, or keeping one hand on the fast forward button constantly. Warner Brothers haven't destroyed Harry Potter because although I loved them I will admit that the books weren't exactly classic literature, but they did their best to make the worst B Movies ever.

I rank Harry Potter 6 alongside Twilight in Things I Will Never Endure Again, and I think that once this is all over next July it will be ten years too late.

Of course I'll still see them; given that I'm an obsessive compulsive nerd who was willing to watch the Star Wars, Star Trek, Buffy, Angel and Terminator series be ground into the dirt simply for the sake of completionism.

Well for what it's worth I wasn't planning to see this until your review!

I have seen the movie just today and i've gotta say I higly recogmened it

It's my favorite Harry Potter movie of all time. I saw it last night as my birthday present (yay it came on on my birthday) and I hope hollywood is actually competent this time and awards Harry Potter. I mean they did it for Lord of the Rings when it ended so maybe there's hope. This movie is oscar gold.

I was planning to see it anyway but thanks for telling me its a good movie...though I'm more looking forward to part 2...I really really really hope the final battle is improved from the book it was just so...anticlimactic in the book

10 Bucks says that actually happens *what MB said about the academy awards stuff*.


Good to know this is a good movie.

And also, you really think it's Oscar Quality? We shall have to wait and see =)

Oscar quality has become an oxy moron in this day and age. The hurt Locker won six oscars last year. You know which film was last to do that? FOREST GUMP! Do you think the hurt locker was ANY where near quality as Forest Gump? The oscars have become a joke, unfortunately.

the oscars became a joke when forest fing gump won the best flick oscar over pulp fiction with was 10x better ;P. bunch of old asshats on the oscar board pf was too risky too edgy and too over the top for the nod so they went with the cheesy sappy stupid gump train.

The only Potter movie even remotely good was the third one, and that was directed by someone who actually hadn't read the books. Yates is such a pedestrian director in crafting action and drama that the big highlights of the last book/film were completely ruined under mediocre, plodding and aimless (if pretty) set pieces which he had no idea how to handle.

In fact, I'll go so far and say that the only reason you'd be hearing the Potter films being given awards is that they'd be applauding the entire production and effort put into the grand task of bringing all seven book to life - regardless of the quality itself.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks this considering how many people here seem to have not liked the third one. Perhaps it's because it didn't exactly follow the book or maybe because of the different feel, but Alfonso Cuaron is such a talented director that he managed to give the Hogwarts environment a very surreal and almost otherworldly feel to it. Like Bob said, it's one of only two that could really stand alone. It's easily my favorite so far.

Anyway, I've seen every one in the theater except for the first one because my ex-girlfriend was a Potter fanatic. If #7 is really that good I pretty much have to see it, and look like an idiot being a 30-year old guy watching it by myself.


Stabby Joe:
I have yet to watch a single Harry Potter film so far, and you know what, I intend to keep it that way. I just really can't take it seriously.. wizard school!?

Ahh it's not that far fetched, almost every fantasy setting has had some sort of society/academey/council of wizards or sorcerers, it's just that Harry Potter is set in the modern age, so it only makes sense that it is the way it is, ie secret and a lot more corporate, them wizards gotta move on with the times. I mean they do get quite dark and mature in the end, and they're worth watching as pop corn flicks if nothing else, although the first one is dodgy as fuck.

OT: I'm actually quite intrigued now, I havent watched the 5th 6th one, and I stopped reading after the order of the phoenix, as I didnt really enjoy the books anymore then, but I might get hold of the 6th movie to catch up and watch this, because surprisingly, I dont actually know what happens in HP past the 5th book at all, and even then the 5th book is very hazy, I somehow managed to avoid all the spoilers up to this point.

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