The Escapist Presents: Desert Bus Sad Comedians Promo

I donated $10 today, I feel better about myself slightly

Also, I thought Steve was gonna start getting angry at us at the end with his tone of voice.


For the children it is then! *Goes off to do my part*

Was that Rebecca Mayes in the background (the music I mean) EDIT: ninja'd

OT: I just donated $40,- and I'll be keeping a look out for any fun auction stuff coming up... and the dancing monkeys of course

Wow, Rebecca Mayes just insulted me at the end of the video! D:

yes seven comedians who make themselves our bitches for a week.

I can get behind on that!

also rebecca?

You know, Penn Jillette himself mentioned this a couple of times and hopefully he talks about it again.

I actually didn't participate last year, but I plan to this year.

That was weird - the ad for this video was an ad for desert bus.

Am I the only one getting a "stream not found" error for this? All other videos seem to work just fine.

Yeah, I'm getting the 'stream not found' error, too.

Stream not found on this and the most recent.

Maybe octopimp just bought all the bandwidth on the internet?

The Rogue Wolf:
Am I the only one getting a "stream not found" error for this? All other videos seem to work just fine.

I got the same, stream not found.

Should be fixed now. Sorry for the wonkiness folks.

Wooo! I got a credit card and a moderate amount of money to back it up.... now I just need to think of the perfect way to humiliate those silly Canucks....

....oh, yes, and its for the Children, yes, the children.

Should be great! :D

another year of desert bus - i keep hoping that every year they'll get more - first year was 4 times their goal, second was more than triple the first, and third was double the second....

Indeed I shall make them sad. And I shall make them dance...for all eternity! For the children!!!

All hail the Octopimp!

I can't donate. I'm sorry. I feel even worse about myself because children in need is on now. I am a twat.


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