281: Fresh Frontiers

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Really, I would be SO DOWN with a Thief-like game set in a world borrowing from Arabian mythos and folklore. I get tired of seeing castles and keeps all the time; how about some domed roofs and colorful archways?

Saladin has been repeatedly giving us the message that there are untold numbers of stories we know nothing about (and I happen to agree with him). Maybe I'm just getting desperate to get away from the broadsword-and-castle/gruff-space-marine/modern-war-playground trifecta we seem to be stuck with lately, but injecting anything new into the formula is likely to meet with my approval.

One of my favorite things about Eternal Darkness was the use of unusual (to videogames, that is) settings to provide the backdrop to each of the game's sections. If you haven't played the game or aren't too familiar with it, you play as twelve different characters, each occupying its own unique time period; with the exception of the protagonist Alexandra, you only play as these other characters for one section (or "chapter").

You play as a Roman centurion in ancient Persia, a Cambodian slave girl in an ancient temple, a monk in a French cathedral during the Spanish Inquisition (who'd have expected that?) as well as an English field reporter in the same place during WWI, to name a few. While each setting and time period aren't exactly explored in-depth, I found this aspect of the game really intriguing.

A gangs of new york-esque GTA game might just be one the best ideas for a game i've heard in a very long time!

As for my own ideas, i just would like to see the Egyptian mythos fully explored, as to my knowledge its really only been glanced over in other games as an "Egypt level" in a few Diablo clones. I mean, i can only think of a few city building games when it comes to a game that was fully devoted to the Egypt theme. There is just so much that can be done with it, but if there is an adventure/rpg set in Egypt, please tell me!

Something Indian would be awesome. The Sikhs have their own martial art and a whole ton of interesting, unique weapons. Something involving the colourful, diverse settings of India and its myths and legends would be cool.

Something North African would be awesome as well. You play as a free roaming Bedouin across the expansive deserts. It would be like Fallout. Depending on the time period, the tech could be fairly schizophrenic, what with old weapons like Jezzails and schimitars mixed with the new guns from foreign Imperialists/traders. That would allow for a diverse play style.

Susan Arendt:

Saladin Ahmed:

PS - @ The Random One (#23): Yeah, I know the city's name. Jeez. Word's autocorrect miscorrected me. A typo got through in an article. I'm sure that's the first time that's ever happened in the entire history of publishing and the internet. No doubt the collapse of society is next. Next stop: cannibalism!

Indeed. Overreact much?

In any event, the typo, which was clearly not a typo but rather an intentional slight against an entire city, has been corrected.

Not just an intentional slight against an entire city, but also a RACIST slight against, um, the Brazilian race.

Oh, and, I would be totally in favor of any of the games Saladin mentioned. I am a sucker for historical fiction/historical fantasy.

Saladin Ahmed:
Fresh Frontiers

The Ascendant Cities of the Late Twenty-First Century (Beijing, Mumbai, Istanbul, Sao Paolo)

The Game: A cyberpunk shooter/RPG hybrid. Players would step into the shoes and wetware of a nanotech-enhanced gun-toting industrial spy or company enforcer. A complex plot of corporate warfare, neo-terrorism, and government collapse unfolds against a backdrop of biotech innovation, proxy wars, resource scarcity, and corporate skullduggery. The player would shoot, sneak, and hack their way through a globe-trotting assortment of levels infused with local culture touches, ranging from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu experts to deranged Bollywood-obsessed assassins. The gameplay would consist of beefing up weapons systems and biotech enhancements, as they piece together the conspiracy that will eventually turn them against their corporate masters.

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That is a very comic idea. I imagine a strong protagonist, running in the middle of the Av. Paulista, fighting mutant snakes in Butanta Inst., or even sneaking into USP gigantic campus to subdue a college terrorist faction.

maan, I thought he was talking about a real game when he mentioned the middle eastern game, I went and searched the interwebs for "one thousand and one nights game". Spent 10 minutes before I realised it was a suggestion... :(

I liked your first idea the most,

but then I like most of your stories so that is no suprise.

You shoulda included the budayeen books as a reference for the last one though.

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