Daily Drop: Gourds

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They make great decoration and entertaining projectiles.

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Hmmm no smashing involved :/. Looking forward to next weeks though ;)

They didn't do anything. D:

didnt very liked it.Bouncy yes-interesting?-not much.
Looking forward to A ROBOTA :D

I've never even heard of those before o.O

What's a gourd? Minipumpkin?

Also, no crowbar?!

Oooh. Bouncy!


Robo Puppy! Noooo!

Meh, they didn't wiggle enough for there to be no breaking. I would of called the crowbar here.

I know gourds can be pretty hard, but those were much bouncier and much less smashy than I was expecting. Which is actually why I like this series: the common sense perception of what will happen and what actually happens are sometimes two different things.

I actually really liked this one. Like natures bouncy balls...

What? no crowbar against these non smashing fruits?

Anyway the bounce on them looked funny.



Quick! Follow the bouncing gourds!
*Chases one off into the never ending abyss*

Yeah, I'm surprised that they didn't get a second drop or the crowbar treatment. They just... bounced a little.

I like the ones that smash, shatter or spill fluids all over the place.

This was just a bit of bouncing. Hey, how about dropping bouncing balls?

No failure? Surprising. Wanted to see crowbar action on numerous objects.

I hate gourds

Loved the spring-loaded gourd bouncing!
And next time: A poo-chi! I remember those things!
...use the crowbar...


Also Disappointment from lack of crowbar.

I think this needed some Extra Testing. (Or some crowbar.) But it was interesting how bouncy those things are.

Also Disappointment from lack of crowbar.

I concur. In fact, I watch many of these drops for similar reasons a lot of Nascar "fans" go to the race, just to see an epic crash (crowbar!).

I concur with my internet-ers, needs more crowbar :/

Could've used more smashing.

Also, it sounded like the sound wasn't slowed down for this one, I could still hear the sound of all of them hitting the ground, then silence.

It would have been neat to see them hit with a crowbar.


I had one of those as a kid. yeah thank god i sold it in the garage sale.

Didn't one of those gourds hit the stand of that EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE rented slow-motion camera? If that doesn't call for some crowbar punishment, I don't know what does!


Do eeeet... dooooo eeeeeeeeeet....

Those were only frozen pumpkins... arn't Gourds an Asian Drinking Container? or is that spelled Goards?

Bouncyness doesn't give an excuse for not being smashed by the crowbar.

What's a gourd? Minipumpkin?

Also, no crowbar?!

No idea.

I concur with my internet-ers, needs more crowbar :/

I got a fever, and the only prescription... is more crowbar!

OK everyone. I know that wasn't so interesting, and everybody loves a good crowbarring, I suspect the reason that wasn't considered a failure was because these weren't real gourds, (eg. vegetables), but rather, decorative plastic ones.

So... Of course they're not going to smash. And a crowbar wouldn't do much either.

Oh well.

The crowbaring is far and few between. I know this isn't "Daily Crowbar Bash", but... it's just SO awesome and satisfying! Please throw in a few more of those every now and then... remember, a failed drop isn't the only occasion where a crowbar is needed. A crowbar is ALWAYS needed, no matter the situation.

That was awesome, I love how it bumped the camera.

I have a musical instrument from China that's made from a gourd, three reed pipes and a bunch of string. It's awesome.

Ok, that was shit.

There's a clear lack of destruction in this video.

Well guys, I guess the Gourd is indestructible. Oh well, the moment in the slo-mo where one of the Gourds did a flip over the other was kinda cool.

After none of them broke, I was thinking "Crowbar, crowbar, crowbar!", but that didn't happen.
Now I am dissapoint.

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