Daily Drop: Koosh 2

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Koosh 2

The weirdness returns, in a new more-wibbly form.

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Wow.... that looked like something straight out of my microbiology lab. It seriously looked alive on the upwards bounce.

Damn, that one was weird. Thought I was under attack by something from Lovecraft for a second.

Come on!
drop a lamp and let me see how something crash with the speed of light please :D

Man, it's amazing how mundane that thing looked until you see the high speed shots of it. Those tentacles are bizarre.

Next week speculation: What IS that? It looks like a bunch of ice cubes popped out from an overfilled tray.

That was very cool, I never thought it was so squishy and it looked so...alive when it bounced back up.

Yes! A revisit! This was by far the best two Daily Drops!

It jumped, I swear. I saw it!!

It looks malicious.

I swear it's the flying spaghetti monster's cousin.

I bet some Physics class (or some science class) are getting a joy watching this drop in slow motion.

For some reason I really enjoyed when the tape was playing backwards.

This is what I imagine a Beholder flying about must look like.

Koosh 2

The weirdness returns, in a new-more wibbly-form.

Watch Video

OMG Thank you very much for Doing the Purple Koosh!! Hehehe Love that little joke.

That was pretty awesome, I still think you should crowbar one.

Koosh after chemotherapy.

Hooray for squash and stretch.

Run! It's Shuma Gorath!

All I could think while it's tentacles were waving around was "IT KNOWS KUNG-FU!!!"

Damn, that one was weird. Thought I was under attack by something from Lovecraft for a second.

I had the same notion. It looked like I imagine a star vampire would look like.

All Hail Yog-Sothoth!

Awesome drop, yet again ;)

I was like the pretty, gay cousin of catastrophe from Final Fantasy V. Really beautiful, but not as unexpected as the first koosh.

"Return the slaaab."

That's a Koosh, too?

It looks like a mutated turnip or some kind of neuro-transmitter or something.

Thank you for scaring the living bejeezus out of my nephew. He touched a Koosh ball thing once and freaked like it was possessed. Then he saw this video.

He's 2 by the way.

That moved oddly straight up and down even after 3 bounces.

What the heck?

Am I the only one that immediately thought of a beholder when I saw this vid? o.o

Perhaps I should take break from the d&d <.<;;

I, for one, welcome our new alien overlords. Resistance is futile, obey the Koosh monster.

And now the long awaited sequel to the award-winning movie Koosh, Koosh 2. How will our hero fare this time around?

Note: This movie hopes to draw a respectable audience despite the immense popularity of the recently released Desert Bus, which was directed by James Cameron.

Also it looked alive during that first bounce there. I think it tried speaking to me...

Clearly a Shoggoth.

This guy wasn't as interesting as the first Koosh for some reason. So it is with sequels. The thing still looks f*cking alive, though.

The weirdness returns, in a new-more wibbly-form.

*rolls up sleeves* All right, who's in charge of the hyphens?

Oh my god, it's a levitating macaroni creature!
Man, i did basically the same joke with the previous koosh.
And still the fall looked damn awesome.
On normal speed, it just bounced like a ball. But on slow-mo, it was just plain weird/cool.

Makes me think distinctly that this is how the Flying Spaghetti Monster would get around, were he not a fictitious mass.

So thats what a koosh is.....what is it exactly?

I'm going to be having nightmares about that thing

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