Escape to the Movies: Black Swan

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Black Swan

This week, Bob takes a gander at Black Swan.

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You should do all of your reviews with that posh accent from the first part of the review.

I'd love to you see review Transformers 3 in that style. It'd be hilarious.

And I'll wait for the release on Bluray...But I will see this movie. This doesn't seem like the "MUST GO TO THEATER" kind of movie.

Nice Accent, very posh. I like how the english are americas ideal of intelligence and taste, obviously never been to england


And happy Birthday Andrew =D

One more thing: Bob, Buzz Killington IS pretentious, it worked just fine (plus you didn't do a lame joke about Scotsmen, always good)


Lesbian ballerina ninjas...DAMN.

An Englishman born in Brooklyn. Nice.

Looks like an interesting movie to watch when there's nothing better to do or see.

this does look pretty damn amazing!

one more movie I have to go see now XD

Worst fake English accent i have ever heard. Please refrain from using it ever again, old chap.

My ears! My beautiful ears! It burrrrns!

Will we be seeing more of "Robert of the Cinema" any time soon?

OT: Never even heard of this (no TV). I was considering seeing a movie this weekend, now I'll probably go see this.

I love Aronofsky, he's my favorite director. I usually don't see his movies in theaters as I usually just rent the DVD but I think I learned my lesson after waiting too long to see The Wrestler, an all time favorite.

Rather old chap!

Yeah - a little over british but I guess thats the joke..

Interesting review; ballet isn't really my thing but by the sounds of it the film is worth seeing for 'other' reasons :D

You should shoot the voice coach who told you how to pronounce naivety - I'm sorry, I mean naiver-TAY.

I jest, it wasn't half bad, I guess.

I've loved the guy since Pi. And yes, I do find it hilarious how people got up in arms over talking about sex last week. Or in fact any other episode of Escape to the Movies.

While I love and agree with the point made in the second half of the review, it would have been even funnier if it was never brought up at all.

My mind keeps filtering out the British accent and replacing it with Bobs real one.

MMM Mila Kunis. *boooooooooiiiiinnnngg* gross.

Terrible, Fucking, Accent.


BTW, any thoughts on The Warrior's Way?

Heh heh nice setup there :D. Definitely looking forward to this, can't wait to see this once finals are over

'cause I'm pretty sure next week it'll be Narnia.

The busy part of me would never go see a movie for two actors going at it. I'm always composing and creating stuff. So "sexy" scenes are always met with "meh" to me. And lesbians do nothing for me at all. At all. ' -'

However~ the concept of art versus self and the horror aspect in a ballerina affair intrigues me greatly. And I love plot-insanity. Consider me sold!

EDIT: Oh, and the accent was fine. Better than what I could do - and it'll be just as interesting to see how well others here could do, if you know what I mean. :3

LOL Bob. Its not sexist to talk about sex in a movie and the relevance of it to the plot. It's sexist when YOU!(double underline) talk about sex. Mostly because your obsession with lesbians is getting creepier over time.

My issue is not that there is sex in the movie, my issue is not that for some movies the only reason to see it is the sex.

My issue is that I thought for a moment you had managed to deliver a really good review. You listed the reasons it was good, you gave justification for seeing it, portrayed the movie for what it was without the cheap pandering.

And then you spent two minutes going over the cheap pandering. By your own admission this movie is so much more, and either a short review (that posh bit at the beginning was flawless) or as a long review extolling its virtues, yuo never needed to mention the lesbians.

Poor effort. Please, next time, stop making jokes revolving entirely around sex and how hot or not the main actress is. How about doing a film which only has guys in or soemthing?

I think you'll find most people are annoyed when you mention sexuality in a review usually because it has no purpose to the review, yes you mentioned it here but from what I can tell it is an intrinsic part of the story and as such is a legitimate aspect. Usually you just go "ooh look, hooters! schwing!"

Interesting way of things happening here. I was a bit thrown off by the whole accent thing at the beginning there but in the end it was still a good watch.

A "high-brow" art film was a freaky/naughty sex scene in it!


Why is lesbianism seen as hot? Despite being a straight male I never saw it. Yeah it's kinda hot but certainly not the holy grail that Bob makes it out to be. And Portman hottest girl in Hollywood? Not to me, but then again beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

I'm not sure if I will see it. I don't like horror but the themes Bob mentioned sound interesting.

I heard part of Terry Gross' interview with Natalie Portman about this movie. I must have missed the part about all the psychological horror. I did not miss the part about Mila Kunis. Yes Please!~!

Yes, I was floored by the set-up and the reveal. Yes, I completely understand why you took those final two minutes to destroy the commen misconceptions about "women getting it on scenes". Yes, I agree with you.

Maybe, I'll go see Black Swan. Just two things are stopping me. 1] My hatred of horror movies. Yeah, I'm a huge baby. I don't care! 2] It's not out in the UK until... I have no idea when!

Terrible, Fucking, Accent.

This. One minute and forty five seconds in, I had to stop the video. I couldn't take it anymore.

Glad to hear that it's a good movie, because the TV spots haven't given me even a faint clue as to what it's about.

Also, I was expecting a review of Warrior's Way since I was thinking about going to see it tonight. Is the movie not surprising enough to review? By that I mean, does it deliver exactly on the things we expect from the previews? If so, I could see you skipping a review of it.

I absolutely can't wait to see this movie.

The first time I heard of this film was a somewhat surreal art deco-style poster. The thing that drew me however was the small print "from the director of Requiem for a Dream and The Wrestler"... sold.

Maybe, I'll go see Black Swan. Just two things are stopping me. 1] My hatred of horror movies. Yeah, I'm a huge baby. I don't care! 2] It's not out in the UK until... I have no idea when!

If it has a similar release to the Wrestler then expect in January for the UK. I don't understand release dates sometimes. Seriously, we only JUST got Machete.

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