What Were Your Top Five Movies of 2010?

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What Were Your Top Five Movies of 2010?

It doesn't seem like a difficult question, but you'd be surprised.

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I don't even thing I've seen five movies. INCLUDING DVDS.

I mostly just stick to gaming, and ignore the other aspects of nerd culture. I just use my Netflix for stand-up and TV series, too.


Let's see.
1. Shutter Island
2. Inception
3. RED
4. Toy Story 3
5. Iron Man 2

That's it.

5. The Social Network
4. The Town
3. Toy Story 3
2. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
1. Inception

Daybreakers, Red, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Sorcerer's Apprentice, and Prince of Persia are the only movies I saw in theaters this year, I'm the same way, to have even seen 5 in the theaters in one year is probably more than I've seen in the past five years, so this is a bit of a weird year for me I guess. But I got lucky and loved every single movie I went to see in theaters. If you're into any of those things them I'd suggest them all because they're a pretty darn good time.

Definitely Inception and Scott Pilgrim vs the World.

And Kick-Ass. That was 2010? Man, this year's getting old.

There were five movies actually worth watching this year?
I could write "The Expendables" five times, but I'd feel like I was lying to myself if I put it at #1.
Scott Pilgrim was "alright," but I could only pencil it in if I was doing a Top 10 or "15 Movies That I'd Rather Watch Instead of Facing A Firing Squad" list (and still The Expendables gets at least three spots on those other lists).

Toy Story 3 and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

That's it.

1. Inception
2. Scott Pilgrim
3. How to Train Your Dragon
4. the newest Romero zombie movie
5. nothing, see below.

the only other 2010 movie i watched was the one with Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman, but i'm not going to validate that movie by putting it in my top 5 :P

*edit* does District 9 count for this year? that'd be my number 4, if so, moving Romero zombies to number 5.

1 - Kick-Ass
2 - Scott Pilgrim
3 - Shutter Island
4 - Um..
5 - Er..

1- Kick-ass
2- Red
3- Scott Pilgrim
4- Repo men
5- Inception

in no particular order

social network
toy story 3
how to train your dragon

1 - Fantastic Mr. Fox (it was only released this year in Holland)
2 - Toy Story 3
3 - Inception
4 - How To Train Your Dragon

These were all the new movies I saw this year, except for Iron Man 2 which sucked beyond all measure.

Shutter Island
District 9
Toy Story 3

Just missed inclusion: Scott Pilgrim, Machete, Four Lions, Kick Ass, Buried

District 9
Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
How to Train Your Dragon
Despicable Me

Yea it's pretty sad that I had to reach into animated movies to fill in my last two, but they were pretty enjoyable all around.

here's my top ten

10. Hot Tub Time Machine
9. Robin Hood
8. The Last Air Bender
7. A-Team
6. Kick-Ass
5. Grown-ups
4. Cop Out
3. Inception
2. Iron-Man 2
1. Despicable Me

Not that hard to remember. Just not that great of a selection this year. Still want to see How to Train your Dragons.

1: Kick-Ass
2: Machete
3: Inception
4: Red
5: Dunno, that was all I saw this year, really.

No particular order to them.

1. Inception
2. Toy Story 3
3. The Social Network
4. Black Swan
5. Kick-Ass

The problem I have with lists like this is I can't remember what came out early 2010 and what came out late 2009. I'll try though.

1. Scott Pilgrim
2. Inception
3. Kick Ass
4. A-Team
5. Harry Potter

That seems adequate.

I'd definitely have these in there:
scott pilgrim
four lions
kick ass

not sure what to put for number 5, probably either a-team or toy story 3 (still trying to remember what else came out this year).

Still want to see How to Train your Dragons.

It's one of the four I saw, and I can recommend it. Pixar has just about ruined any other animation company for me, but that having been said, it was quite a pleasant surprise.

in no particular order

Scott Pilgrim
Hot Tub Time Machine
How To Train Your Dragon
Death At A Funeral
Expendables (yes i liked that movie)

1 - Inception
2 - Shutter Island
3 - Toy Story 3
4 - Machete (not many people seemed to understand it was taking the piss out of itself)
5 - Kick-ass

Scott Pilgrim
Kick Ass
The Social Network
Iron Man 2

Those are really the only good movies I could think of this year.

havent watched many movies this year

Scott Pilgrim
How to Train Your Dragon
Despicable Me
......sry thats all i got =P

Inception and Scott Pilgrim are definitely locked in an epic struggle for 1 and 2, and I can't decide between them after that...

Toy Story 3
Shutter Island
How to Train your Dragon
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 1
and... that's all I got... 7/10... maybe there will be 8 by the time Tron: Legacy comes out and by the time I see Black Swan,

Inception, Shutter Island, How to Train Your Dragon...not sure what else I saw <__<

Top 5 full-length theatrically-released fictional films of 2010:
How to Train Your Dragon
Toy Story 3
The Social Network
The Expendables

Top 5 movies of 2010:
How to Train Your Dragon
Toy Story 3
You Don't Know Jack
Mortal Kombat: Rebirth
The Social Network

I didn't see that many new movies this year...

3.Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
4.Iron Man 2 (at home, on my PS3, on blu-ray)
5.How to Train Your Dragon (on DVD, at my parents' house, with my nephews)

everything else I watched this year came out earlier... I think the newest one was Black Dynamite.

1.) Inception
2.) Toy Story 3
3.) Tron Legacy (yeah yeah, isnt out yet...but still...=D)
4.) Shutter Island
5.) Iron Man 2

All in all, not a terrible year but not a great one either, though Inception easily hits my top 5 of all time.

Couldn't you have waited until AFTER tron legacy?

5. The Social Network
4. Piranha 3D
3. Machete
2. Inception
1. Scott Pilgrim vs. the world

The only movies I saw in theaters and enjoyed were Inception, Hereafter, and Get Him to the Greek. Aside from that, I only saw another 2 in theaters: the Predator movie and...the one with the alien rape scene. What was it called? It was freaking awful. The girl I went with was embarrassed that she chose it. Predator was good for the first half hour, when it had the feel of a sci-fi Tarantino flick. Then it got all generic and predictable.
So I guess my list goes:
1. Inception
2. Get Him to the Greek
3. Hereafter
4. Predator (but I didn't even like it)
5. Splice! That's it! But I hated it.

Honestly, TV is so good these days that I don't have much of a desire to go to movies. I get comedic gold with Community, 30 Rock, and The Office on one night. Mad Men has the sterling acting and drama. Dexter satisfies the bloodlust. Chuck is my favorite show hands down right now, as it does pretty much everything without taking itself too seriously.

1. Kick-Ass
2. Scott Pilgrim
3. Toy Story 3
4. Inception
5. Social Network

Inception was definitely mind-blowing, a very good Sci-Fi thriller, probably the best I've ever seen. I so want to go see it again.

Shutter Island has great ambience, and it's pretty good despite being a bit too long. The twist finale is somewhat cliched and perhaps predictable, but the whole thing is great.

Scott Pilgrim... well, I wasn't crazy about it. It's a cool and enjoyable movie, but I didn't really get all the hype and praise for it.

Kick-Ass was good, but again, not as good as I was hoping for. A bit of a disappointment.

Iron Man 2 is a must see if you've seen and liked Iron Man 1. If you haven't, see it. If you've seen it and disliked it, don't bother with IM2.

Prince of Persia was a surprisingly good adaptation of the video game despite changing a lot of things and being an overall popcorn flick with not much to it.

I missed out on the Expendables, Machete, RED, Robin Hood, Centurion and Predators unfortunately. Well, you can't have everything. Sometimes I just don't feel like going to the cinema, and movies are played for a very short lenght of time nowadays.

I'm really strugling to think of a list, despite going to the cinema nearly everyweek. It seems not that much has left a lasting impression on me. I think I'm also disapointed that there aren't more foreign language or indie films on this list besides Kick Ass. Despite the number of films I wanted to see only so many have been shown near me.

1. Inception
2. Scott Pilgrim
3. Kick Ass
4. 4 Lions
5. Bad Lieutenant

Close runners up, Restrepo, Toy Story, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Another Year, Monsters

Year is not over yet though, still got Tron to look forward to.

Scott Pilgrim, Kick-Ass, Inception, The Social Network and Toy Story 3, but I'm sure i'm going to LOVE 127 Hours and Black Swan.

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